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20 Aug 2010 For adventure travelers, is Australia or New Zealand the more extreme down under experience?

For adventure travelers, is Australia or New Zealand the more extreme down under experience?

Many people do not know that Australia and New Zealand are two different countries. The area of New Zealand is 268,680 sq km, and Australia is7,686,850 sq km. So if you are an adventure traveler about to plan your holidays, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to decide where you want to go even if both countries have similar activities. You do not want to travel half a day from one activity to another.

New Zealand is famous for fun and extreme sports. The adrenaline pumping bungy was founded here by AJ Hackett Bungy. If you are pressed for time, you jump off the Auckland harbor bridge or Sky jump off the Sky Tower, the highest tower in the Southern hemisphere. All the way south, you can bungy jump at Rotorua or Queenstown if you missed the Auckland jumps. Both my two teen aged daughters bungy jumped, and they swear that it is the most exhilarating thing they had done while my heart was in my mouth when I witness them jumping.

Also in Auckland, and Rotorua, there is the Zorb. The Zorb is one big giant transparent rubber sphere. You can choose a dry ride or a wet one and you crawl into it. The Zorb spins down a slope and you spin with it. One moment the world is under you, another it is on top. It takes New Zealand to invent this fun sport which is now available in Australia and USA.

What about jumping out of the plane by yourself or with an instructor in tandem Skydive. This is available in the North Island at Taupo or near to Christchurch in the South Island. There are helicopter rides, small planes and you can fly off giant kites. You can land on a glacier and walk on it. There are not air balloons, parachutes.

On shallow water, you can go on water jet and they go so fast that they can make three hundred and sixty degrees spin. When I was in one, a friend shot into the front covered part of the jet. I understood why the jet was called a shot over jet. It gives such an adrenaline rush that the operators call them thrill therapy.

There are many rivers and waterfalls in New Zealand. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, and sledging are very popular.

At the Waitomo caves, you journey into the “centre of the earth,” and Glow worms hang from the roof like stars twinkling at you. I went with my twelve year old daughter, on a three hour cave tubing or black water rafting in the underground labyrinth of limestone caves and formations of stalactites and stalemates.

19 Aug 2010 New Zealand – Tips For A Sailing Charter

New Zealand is an isolated country located at the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. It is composed of two big islands referred to as North and South Islands as well as other smaller islets, such as the Chatham Islands and Stewart Island/Rakiura. Because its flora and fauna have remained almost untouched for so many years, New Zealand can give anyone the most beautiful landscapes, consisting of its sweeping coastlines, vast mountains, and clear waters that are perfect for sailing in New Zealand.

The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is about 3 hours’ drive from Auckland. There are around 144 islands that make up this charming region. It has the best kind of climate the country has to offer and is considered to be an ultimate playground because of the several outdoor activities that you can do. For example, a trip in the Hole in the Rock offers visitors the opportunity to watch and observe the abundant marine life of the bay. You can enjoy a thrilling ride on a forward trampoline as well as the high-tech catamaran. A cruise on a chartered yacht can also take you to idyllic islands during lunchtime where you can dine and enjoy kiwi barbecues.

Just outside of Auckland is the the Hauraki Gulf. This is one of the largest cruising areas in the world with 100 islands to explore and over 200 sheltered anchorages and miles of beautiful coast. The geography of Auckland, with is narrow strip of land, makes the waters of the Gulf an fascinating place to sail. The steady sea breezes compete with southwesterly winds, and in mid-afternoon, there is the heat off the land to handle.

Auckland, New Zealand, meanwhile, gives you the energy that you need to handle the stresses of everyday city life. It gratify your appetite for you without having to avail the services of masseurs. The scenic landscape itself will calm your nerves and the numerous sea activities will pump up your adrenalin. For one, if you happen to be sailing in New Zealand, especially in Auckland, you can visit the Goat Island Marine Reserve which are definitely ideal for famelies. You can enjoy some kayaking, boating, or even diving and take pleasure in being surrounded by wide varieties of fish. If you are new into the experience, numerous chartered vessels have professional diving instructors who will be happy to show you basic diving techniques.

Speak of New Zealand waters and you can instantly associate it with the wonderful beaches of Able Tasman. You can treat yourself with golden beaches, lush virgin mangroves and forests, as well as worth-exploring coves. You can spread and achieve sun-kissed skin as you board any luxurious sailing catamaran. The white sands are perfect for anyone who dares to be about upon this wonderful gift of nature. Visit the Anchorage Beach too and treat yourself to a very delectable fine lunch.

Indeed, sailing in New Zealand can bless you with the kind of peace and rejuvenation that you need. Moreover, because of its temperate climate, the country becomes an ideal holiday destination all year round.

16 Aug 2010 Finding Cheap Holiday Offers Through British Travel Agencies

If you are looking for UK holiday deals, you can rely on the British Travel Agencies to find you the right package deals that have everything you need to have an affordable trip and do some adventurous sightseeing. Most people like to save money and when traveling to the UK for a vacation, you want to find something that allows you to have money for doing some fun things once you arrive at your holiday destination. UK holiday deals can be found for many different locations. Some of the agencies that have affordable travels deals are British Airways, Thomas Cook and Virgin.

There are many different UK holiday deals and destinations including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These areas have many attractions to make you trip enjoyable. The best UK holiday deals might take you to England where you would see the Auckland Castle or the Lancaster Castle. England also has a beautiful countryside and prehistoric sites. Ireland has museums, historic buildings and historic houses. If your UK holiday deals land you in Scotland or Wales, you will want to see the Castles and the old Roman sites. Any of the British Travel Agencies can arrange your accommodations and airfare.

Virgin and Thomas Cook always have UK holiday deals with a tour of the many different attractions and places to stay near the attractions. British Airways also has UK holiday deals that will make you want to travel to the UK every year. If you love beautiful gardens and want to see the changing of the guards, then planning a holiday destination to the UK what you need to do.

The UK holiday deals might include theme park tickets or other attraction tickets. If you find the perfect vacation travel package, you can and will save money. Once you find the best UK holiday deals, you can then plan your stay around the attractions. Do not forget about the nightlife in these fabulous destinations. You can celebrate with Irish whiskey or a fine wine of England. There are so many different things to do when you find the best UK holiday deals.

11 Aug 2010 New Zealand Water Rafting

The vast majority of travellers who visit New Zealand come away with a memorable experience, and the vacationers who partake in water rafting are no exception. New Zealand is hailed as one of the most pristine and picturesque counties in the Pacific region, and this is clearly evident to those who go rafting through the country’s truly awe-inspireing rivers and byways.

Thousands of tourists travel to New Zealand to water raft each year. The New Zealand Rafting Association (NZRA) was established in 1996 in order to promote the sport of water rafting. The association is made up of tour guide operators and afficcionados who specialize in this thrilling sport. The code of conduct that the New Zealand Rafting Association follows is endorsed by the New Zealand government. Thanks to government support, the country is known as having one of the highest standards for safe water rafting activities. The association conducts training workshops and rescue operations as well.

Water Rafting in New Zealand: Where to go?

Even though New Zealand is a relatively small country with a population of roughly 4.1 million, the areas for water rafting are numerous. Adventuous vacationers have a choice of Rangitikei, Shotover, Upper Buller Mohaka, Motu, Gowan and several others. Tourists are rarely disappointed by the beauty of the landscape and the variety of rivers and byways. If you enjoy incredible natural scenery, New Zealand has a sparkling breathtaking environment. From the fjords and mountains in the south island, to the native forests and white sands of the north, New Zealand has diverse, pristine and beautiful natural surroundings.

In the north, you can experience the Karamea and Buller rivers while the west has the Waiho and Arnold rivers. Both rivers offer superb rafting trips.

The truly adventurous traveller can sign up with tour operators who provide guided tours of a total of eleven rivers. In just over two weeks, all eleven rivers can be travelled, some so remote that you feel there is no one else on the island besides you and your travelling companions. White water entusiasts have spoken of one place which the natives call “Chinese dogleg”. Other rafters experience blasting through a historical mining tunnel and then ending up in the rapids.

It is important to note that New Zealand has seven major regions: Auckland, Central Plateau, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson/West Coast, Canterbury, Otago/Southland. These regions have water rafting facilities and they each have magnificent rivers and breathtaking panoramic views.

Water rafting in New Zealand is truly a sublime experience. The adventure sport turned national industry has become incredibly successful, mostly due to the amount of challenging and beautiful rivers and byways. Tim Alpe says that New Zealand is country known for its rapid and free flowing rivers, and the rapids come straight from the mountains. They snake their way through thick and lush forests and pour into the sea.

Be Safe: Watch that Raft and the River!

If you are not familiar with New Zealand’s rivers, it is strongly encouraged that you not venture out on your own. Even if advances in technology have led to improvements in raft design and construction, the amateur rafter should be accompanied by a licensed tour guide. Some people who are new to the sport are not aware that the flow of the river necessitates a certain kind of raft.. Rivers are graded from class 1 to class 5, and each class requires a different kind of rafting equipment.

When you engage the services of a rafting guide in New Zealand, you are assured that he or she possesses a high degree of expertise and knowledge about safe water rafting in that particualr country. They are familiar with rivers whose flows change from one moment to the next. They know about the international river grading system and what each grade means.

Since rafting is a year-round sport in New Zealand, vacationers have plenty of flexability. Rafting is common during spring, summer and fall. There are approxamitly 50 rafting operators that are spread out across New Zealand, so, if you find yourself in one rafting spot, you are bound to find another within a few miles.

If you are travelling with a group, you need to decide on a river that is appropriate for everyone. Decide how long you and your travelling companions want to go rafting. Some raft for only one day, others an enitre weekend, or even a week or two. Also, choose which level to persue. Are you looking for an adrenalin adventure or a moderate rafting trip so you can also take in the scenery. These are imortant coices to make. Depending on your preferences, your New Zealand guide can put a package together. Some operators will offer meal stops and will add in sightseeing on land.

05 Aug 2010 Unforgettable Travel Experiences in New Zealand

The islands of New Zealand were the commencement inhabited by Polynesian maori. The British colony was established in the country in 1840. In 1907, New Zealand became independent. The rugged mountains and large coastal plains are the main geographical features of the country. According to the 2006 census, the population of New Zealand had 41.43.279 years. In December 2007 it was estimated that the country’s population is approximately 42.68.000.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, where the population is counted for 1.69.000. However, Auckland is the largest city in the country. The English, which employed 98% of the population is the official language of New Zealand. Maori, used by 4.2% of New Zealanders was also given the status of a country’s official language. Religions, which are followed by inhabitants of New Zealand, are Anglican, Presbyterian and Catholic.

The presence of high mountains, glaciers, tropical forests, fjords, geysers and beaches still unknown has resulted in the remarkable growth of the tourism industry in New Zealand. The country enjoys a huge step each year.

You can use the following links to get different variations map of New Zealand. You can also collect general information and travel on to New Zealand links given below. From history, geography, information economy, people, culture and flag of the New Zealand here you will get every bit of critical information on the country.

The tour of New Zealand offers you the wealth of things to enjoy for as New Zealand is a land blessed with glacial mountains, rivers fluids, ice mountains, lakes and many wonders normal. He ‘s a country where you can engage in many outdoor activities. Whether it is not marked walk (up), skiing, transport and bungee jumping by raft.

The tour of New Zealand are a lot to choose from. There are many categories of excursion such as command and in addition to 4-wheel drive excursions, adventure trips, excursions age category, the tour’s agricultural and farmland of New Zealand, Tour boat and navigation, the tour bus from New Zealand, camping and outdoor tour of New Zealand, cruises, day trips and overnight excursions and cultural, made to order and personal travel stung, Eco and nature travel, educational excursions, expedition crosses, film and theme travel, gay and lesbian travel, heritage and historical excursions, lord of the ring travel, motorcycle travel package tours and planners vacation trips photography and art, and private guiding service, tour of New Zealand sports and golf, surfing and personal Kitebarding Tours and geothermal and volcanic tour of New Zealand.

The bus tour of New Zealand travel by the beautiful landscape and an expert driver would also be there to tell you about places to be visited. The best thing about the bus tour of New Zealand is that you can have unforeseen cuts when we love.

The command of 4 wheels and also road trips are adventurous and take you by the landscape staggering. There are road trips to Edoras, Canterbury, Wanaka, Twizel, New Zealand, Queenstown, Christchurch, Glenorchy, Lake Coleridge, Canterbury; excursions apart adeventure of Taupo. are offered the caves of Waitomo, to the west coast, Christchurch, Blenheim, Methven, compartment islands, the new Zealnad away, Westport, South Island, Twizel, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Canterbury and to the island’s north.

03 Aug 2010 Travel destinations: North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is the most inviting, fun, exiting and diverse country in which to take a vacation. To explore the opportunities for a visitor to both islands is such a vast topic, therefore I have narrowed my recommendations to the North Island. There are so many opportunities on offer from viewing the amazing scenery, to experiencing the geological formations of this volcanic island. The people of New Zealand and the Maori culture really make for a warm and friendly experience. Well known for its adventure and sporting opportunities, everyone from the novice to experience outside enthusiast will take home some unforgettable memories of time spent there. The following are recommendations from my 10 day driving tour of the North Island, made a few years ago.


Although Auckland is a warm and welcoming city, with so much to do, if you only have limited time I would recommend the following; drive up Mount Eden or One Tree hill, for an unusual view of the city, have breakfast up the sky tower, take a walk around the harbor and marvel and some of the huge sailing vessels. With slightly longer, try a trip to one of the islands located just across the water from the city; Great Barrier, Tiritiri Matangi, Kawau, Rangitoto, Motutapu and Waiheke islands offer something for everyone from bird watching, geological exploration of the volcanic islands to amazing beaches. Piha beach on the coast North West of Auckland about an hour’s drive is a fantastic wide expanse of almost black sand with rolling surf, a great location to spend a few hours. Try for as much information as you can handle on this location.

Bay of Islands

Approximately 230kilometers north of Auckland you will find the Bay of Islands. You could easily spend your whole holiday here, with diving, sailing trips, fishing, golf, and numerous cultural attractions on offer. No holiday here is complete without a sailing trip out around the bay to see the numerous islands and hear about their history. Options range from dolphin viewing aboard a catamaran skippered by one of New Zealand’s leading lady racers, to a more sedate trip following the old cargo route around the island on Fullers’ Cream trip. Located in Paihia is the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, the location where New Zealand’s founding document was signed. Cultural tours and shows are available to explain the relevance of this document in New Zealand’s history. Paihia is the busting tourist center of the islands, however it has

02 Aug 2010 Taking a New Zealand Vacation

Everyone is looking for the perfect place to spend vacation time at. One of the most popular ideas for vacations is, of course, a place that is close to being paradise. Tropical palm trees, soft, warm winds, crystal clear blue water, white sands, and nightlife that is full of great food, great people, and the best entertainment on Earth. New Zealand is a fantastic place to spend a vacation.

New Zealand is made up of two large islands, the North Island and the South Island, as well as many other very small islands. The country is famous for its geographic isolation, being about 1200 miles southeast of Australia. Since it is so isolated, New Zealand is home to some of the most extraordinary foreign wildlife and flora in the world. Travelers will find it interesting that until 2006, with the exception of a few species of bats, it was thought that New Zealand had no native life that was not marine life. In 2006, however, bones of a newly discovered native species had been found. Now, everything from exotic birds to tropical lizards and insects to land animals of all kinds can be found here. And, of course, the marine life that can be witnessed on a New Zealand vacation is second to none.

The South Island, being larger than the North Island, also is the more mountainous of the two. While at land level the climate is pleasant and warm, the mountain tops are covered with snow. The Maori people welcome visitors from all over the world all year round. English is the main language, followed by the Maori language of the native people. There is a heavy influence of English and British culture, and many famous movies and sporting events have been made here. The worlds largest Polynesian festival is held annually in Auckland, as are many other smaller festivals throughout the year. Agriculture has always been a main economic driving force in New Zealand, boasting some of the best dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables that can be found on the globe.

The perfect vacation spot for individuals, couples, families, and groups of friends is New Zealand. Where no two days are the same, and the cities, country, beaches and farms paint a perfect picture, the sports, activities, entertainment, dining, and rich culture with stay with vacationers for a lifetime to come.

31 Jul 2010 The city of sails

Auckland Harbour also known as Waitemata Harbour is a 70 square mile harbour and is the main access by sea to Auckland, New Zealand. It connects the city and port to the Hauraki Gulf, and thus to the Pacific Ocean.For this reason it is often referred to as Auckland Harbour, despite the fact that it is only one of two harbours surrounding the city. The Waitemata forms the north and west coasts of the Auckland isthmus. It is matched on the south by the shallower waters of Manukau Harbour.

The name is from the Māori language, with Wai te Mataa referring to obsidian glass. The ‘sparkling waters’ (a later translation of the meaning) of the harbour were said to glint like the volcanic glass prized by these early arrivals to the harbour. Auckland is often known as the “City of Sails” for the large number of yachts that grace the Waitemata Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf.

Some of the attractions of the harbour for travelers include the breath taking view across the sea with the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the background. Auckland’s vibrant waterfront is also home to the New Zealand National Maritime Museum. A visit promises a broad overview of New Zealand rich maritime heritage.As its Maori name, Te Huiteanaui-A-Tangaroa (holder of the treasures of Tangaroa – of the Sea God) suggests, this museum stores many of New Zealand’s treasures. Visitors may also get the opportunity to cruise across the harbour on a heritage vessel.

For travelers that wish to experience a little bit more adventure and excitement on their holiday a good excursion would be climbing Auckland Harbour Bridge. An Auckland hotel that offers easy access to the waterfront is the Copthorne Hotel which is situated near the Auckland Harbour the all of the rooms at this hotel offer beautiful views of the Harbour and also gives easy access to other areas of interest in the city.

30 Jul 2010 Important Historical Landmarks of New Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be one of the youngest countries in the world, as it was the last major land mass to be discovered by Europeans. For a young country, New Zealand boasts many fascinating and important historical sites, a legacy of its original inhabitants, the Maori and also its years as a British colony.

The most important historical site in the country is at Waitangi on North Island, where a treaty was signed in 1840 between the Maori and the British, the site is considered to be the birthplace of New Zealand as a nation. The grounds cover 1000 acres and were a gift to the people of New Zealand by the governor at the time, Lord Bledisloe.

There are several highlights of any visit to Waitangi. Not to be missed are the Treaty House, the country’s oldest home, and built for New Zealand’s first resident. Te Whare Runanga is an elaborately carved Maori meeting house; and you can also marvel at one of the world’s largest ceremonial war canoes. Many visitors simply enjoy strolling around the beautiful grounds. If that inspires you, you can even get married at Waitangi.

Two of the oldest towns in New Zealand are situated in the area of the country known as the Bay of Islands, Russell and Kerikeri. Russell boasts an excellent small museum offering an overview of contact between the Maori and Europeans; as well as Christ Church, the oldest wooden church in New Zealand. Russell is also the site of one of the most infamous incidents in the country’s history, the chopping down of the ceremonial British flagpole by the Maori chief Hone Heke.

Kerikeri has the distinction of being the oldest European settlement in New Zealand. A stroll through the quaint streets of the town will show you both the oldest wooden building and the oldest stone building in the country. A couple of nearby historical sites give an insight into New Zealand’s history. Kororipo Pa is a well-preserved Maori fort; Rewa Village is a full scale reconstruction of a Maori fishing village.

Throughout New Zealand, there are many other reminders of the Maori, such as burial grounds, sacred sites and tribal meeting places. The area around Taranaki on the North Island is a particularly good place to visit if you want to learn about the Maori culture, the small settlement at Parihaka was the largest Maori village in the region during the 19th century. There is also a monument to the Maori leader Maui Pomare, as well as the remains of several Maori forts, known as pa.

Wellington has been New Zealand’s capital since 1865 and boasts several historic buildings and sites, many dating from its days as an early European settlement. You can take one of several walking tours of Wellington which take in such historic sites as the birthplace of Katherine Mansfield, the country’s most famous author; and the Dominion Observatory, which once kept the time for the entire country.

Much of the country’s more recent history has been shaped at the Parliament buildings complex. Not to be missed if you are in Wellington are the Old Government building, the second largest wooden building in the world, and the National Library of New Zealand, with its books, maps and other documents. Also, not too far away, you can see one of the country’s most important and famous documents, the actual Treaty of Waitangi, on display at the National Archives building.

Nearly all visitors traveling to New Zealand by air arrive in Auckland, the country’s largest city. Although Auckland is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, it is worth taking the time to seek out some of the area’s historic sites. One of Auckland’s most beautiful buildings is Alberton, an ornate Victorian mansion dating from 1863, which offers a glimpse into how the wealthy lived 150 years ago.

Another historic home in the Auckland area is Highwic; a wooden house built in the Gothic style and filled with antiques. In order to gain some insight into the important role the sea has played in the lives of New Zealanders, visit the National Maritime Museum. Not only can you look at exhibits spanning 1,000 years, you can sail on them. The historic ship Ted Ashby offers rides several times a week.

Admittedly, many people visit New Zealand for the spectacular and dramatic scenery, and the chance to experience the great outdoors at its very best. However, if you are lucky enough to visit New Zealand, do not overlook the country’s proud and fascinating history.

24 Jul 2010 Factors to Consider When Obtaining A New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand, located across the continent of Australia, is a relatively small, rugged but very scenic and tranquil nation. It’s just about three hours by plane from Australia, and has a population of around 4 million people. The country’s European settlers began to settle here in 1642, and today compose the majority of residents. The Maoris, or New Zealand’s indigenous people, currently compose around 11% of the total population, and the rest are either Asian or Pacific islanders. It offers one of the highest living standards in the developed world, and has a thriving agro-industrial economy. Those who wish to travel and work in this lovely part of the South Pacific may now be able to do this, through applying for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa.

The country remains an integral part of the British Commonwealth, and has strong cultural and economic ties with the United Kingdom. In this part of the world, apple trees, sheep, kiwi fruit, olives and grapevines are common sights, and the landscape has a tranquil English countryside feel. New Zealand has three major cities. Auckland, located in the North Island, has a population of almost a million residents. Located in the North Island is the city of Wellington, which is the nation’s capital, and situated across the Cook Strait in South Island is Christchurch, which is the nation’s largest city. It has a population of 300,000 and is famous for resembling an ornate English town complete with elegant stone buildings, wide green gardens and a lovely river that cuts through the city’s central commercial district

Living costs in this country are relatively lower compared to the United States or Canada; however the wages are a bit lower than those two nations. The economy here thrives around agriculture, the services sector, and the farming/mining industry. For those wishing to travel and work at the same time, the most common visa issued to these types of travelers is the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa (WHV). This work and travel visa is however, only limited to persons who live in countries that have reciprocal arrangements with New Zealand. Among the nations that have this arrangement with New Zealand are Canada, Argentina, Chile, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, France, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA, Uruguay and the United Kingdom.

In order to qualify for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa, the residents of the following countries mentioned earlier need to be between 18 and 30 years old, are able to prove that they have access to sufficient funds to support themselves while in the country, do not have any dependent children with them while traveling, have not yet experienced working in New Zealand before, and can show evidence of adequate medical insurance for the duration of their visit. To legally work here, travelers also need to apply for an IRD number from the country’s Inland Revenue bureau, for taxation purposes. In order to get an IRD number, all you need to do is to download and fill up the application form from the IRD Website and send these to the New Zealand Inland Revenue office. You may also download an IRD form while overseas. In addition, some of the nation’s employers may require that you directly open a bank account, for the proper delivery of your salary and other temporary benefits. Although some banks here are quite wary of allowing foreigners to open a bank account, showing your working holiday visa and explaining that you are here for a year would help speed up the process.