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30 Aug 2010 Nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit

Although it grows well in warm and gentle climates, kiwi, the fuzzy, green, exotic and tasty New Zealand fruit actually originated in China, where it was regarded as a delicacy and called the Chinese Gooseberry or Yang Tao.

The fruit itself was exported from China to New Zealand only relatively recently, at the turn of the 20th century, when a New Zealand native, Isabel Fraser, took kiwi seeds home with her from China and planted them in New Zealand.

After the fruit’s exportation, its name naturally then changed from Gooseberry to kiwi, after the national bird of New Zealand, the Kiwi. The fuzzy texture of the kiwi fruit is thought to resemble the national bird’s sparse coat of hair.


The kiwi fruit is synonymous with summer and fruity cocktails and concoctions, and is nutritionally dense, packed with vitamin C. The green fruit as well as its black seeds contain protein, vitamins C and E, potassium, calcium, iron as well as soluble dietary fiber. Kiwi is also sodium-free, and is a dieter’s dream food, since it not only offer tons of vitamins and nutrients, but is tasty and nutritious.


Medical studies indicate that eating kiwi regularly not only supplies the body with vital vitamins and minerals, but can help prevent or treat various ailments.


*Eat kiwi to repair damanged DNA and reduce the likelihood of blood clots.

Studies from AUT Universitt in Auckland, New Zealand reported that cancer patients who ate two or three kiwi fruits a day kept spreading cancers in check, as the fruit played a significant role in repairing damaged DNA. The same clinical participants who consumed 2 to 3 kiwi fruits a day reported less incidences of blood clotting. Properties in kiwi protect DNA in the cell’s nucleus from oxygen-related damage. The possible link between kiwi and reduced incidences of heart disease and stroke is also currently being studied.

*Eat kiwi to help improve sleep and alleviate constipation.

Taiwan Medical University revealed that kiwi helps stimulate intestinal movement, thus relieving constipation. Likewise, the School of Nutrition and Health Science at Taipei Medical University also documented a noticeable increase in sleep quality, by as much as 40%, in participants who regularly ate two pieces of kiwi for five months before bedtime.

*Eat kiwi to lessen wheezing and asthmatic symptoms.

An Italian study that followed over 18,000 children

23 Aug 2010 Bistro Tables: Style Icons, Not Just Furniture

Bistro tables and chairs are without a doubt the most popular restaurant dining furniture in the world today. The global accessibility to information provided by the Internet means that people anywhere can tune in and turn onto cultural and design innovations and trends from all over the world.

Like Toadstools

Although bistro tables and dining furniture have been around for well over a hundred years, they are like all evergreen design classics. They find new audiences all over the urbane and not so urbane world. In fact, bistro tables are wherever restaurant dining is to be found – from Paris, France to London, England; from Bangkok, Thailand to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and from Sydney Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. Bistro tables have been popping up for years on sidewalks and street corners everywhere. They pop up so frequently and commonly, in fact, they are like mushrooms in the rain.

The original bistro tables could be folded up and stacked beside each other along a wall. The popularity of the bistro table isn’t only due to its efficient use of space and its portability. The bistro table is highly in demand also because of its versatility and economic good looks. In fact, probably the only countries in the world where you won’t see the coffee hounds strategically sitting by their bistro tables placed on the sidewalks are Japan, Korea, and China. It’s just too damned crowded there, too damned busy, and unless you want a face-full of carbon monoxide with your latte, then it’s not a very good idea.

A Titan of a Table

A bistro table is versatile. Okay, so you’re thinking…versatility? How versatile can a bistro table possibly be? I mean, you use it for putting your food and drink, and then what? Do you use it for a miniature helicopter landing pad? Does it double as a radar dish? Of course not! Bistro tables are versatile in such a way that not only can you use it as a surface to display your steaming cup of java while you try to look intellectual, you can also use it for a score of different – albeit unconventional – purposes. Bistro tables have been habitually used as substitutes for magazine racks and have played hosts to many a poker game. Bistro tables have endured bottles being slammed on its surface in bachelor parties, stilettos scraping its glossy veneer as a woman dances atop it in the same bachelor parties, and the occasional spray of the contents of somebody’s stomach. Bistro tables have played Prometheus countless of times with the world literally on its shoulders – or in this case, table top.

The Princess Diana of Furniture

Bistro tables enjoy longer lives than the average furniture, thanks in part to the fact that owners of bistro tables appreciate what they have. Indeed, they know that they have a gem in their hands, or wherever it is that they keep their bistro table. Bistro tables have been known to undergo drastic changes in their looks, from drab to fab, tacky to classy, and dazzling to nondescript, while still maintaining a quiet elegance and sophistication that only a confident piece of furniture can pull off.

Wouldn’t you love to have one sitting in your kitchen as well?

24 Jul 2010 What to Look For in Culinary Arts Schools

When you are choosing a school to study food courses at, knowing what to look for in culinary schools means that you will make the right choice the first time. Asking around in the industry to see which schools employers favor is a good way to get an idea of the most respected and highly thought of schools. If location is a factor for you, then you will need to ask around within your city or at least state (unless you don’t mind traveling).

It is believed that these schools have the most success when it comes to job placement after study, with many employers taking students as soon as they graduate.

Cooking is growing in popularity as a career choice due to TV shows and online sites which have shown people how fun it can be to be involved in a culinary career. It’s also reasonably paying and there is plenty of room for advancement as chefs can work their way up within a particular restaurant. In addition, there is also room for advancement in better restaurants and other cooking establishments. Usually the better restaurants pay their chefs higher salaries.

Some of the best culinary schools around the world include:


The Culinary Institute of Canada (Charlottetown, PE)

California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena

Orlando Culinary Academy

Texas Culinary Academy’

Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago

Lincoln College of Technology

The Culinary Institute of America

Le Cordon Bleu College Of Culinary Arts – Las Vegas, Atlanta, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Miami and Dallas

The Restaurant School, Philadelphia


School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, DIT, Dublin, Ireland


North Shore International Academy, Auckland, New Zealand

Other locations

International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai

Culinary Academy Of India

The above schools are all highly regarded in the culinary industry and a qualification from any will result in an outstanding looking resume. But there are many others. And even beyond the school you go to, the cooking establishments you work in and receive further training from will help your resume as well.

At culinary school you will learn about cooking, baking, nutrition, food standards, food identification, food hygiene, recipes preparation, menus and much more. Most schools have outstanding and experienced culinary chefs as teachers.

Culinary schools such as those listed above are equipped with full scale kitchens that replicate those found in the industry. This gives students the chance to gain experience in a real environment as well as utilize all utensils and equipment that would be found in a job situation.

Some culinary schools specialize in particular aspects of the subject such as baking and pastry, fine dining, corporate and event dining and others. There are also more and more online culinary schools where students can study at their own pace and complete practical exercises at home.

Becoming a chef or other professional through completing a certificate or degree at culinary schools is an excellent way to form a solid and exciting career. There are countless opportunities for advancement and there is a lot of money to be made in an industry that is growing more every year.

20 Jul 2010 Reflections: The future

There are somethings everyone knows about The Future. There will be flying cars, Aliens will ATTACK the earth, people will have pet robot dogs. The moon will be colonized.

I’ve just realized you can already get pet robot dogs. Does that mean it’s the future now? If so…. *hushed whisper* where IS my flying car?

I predict, that in ten years time (whether it be “The Future” then, or not), most countries will have introduced the death penalty for spamming, because it’s soooo blooooody ANNOYING! And I personally will own one of those guns that allows you to shoot loathsomely irritating people in advertisements through your TV screen! The one I have at the moment tends to just shower my living room with broken glass as my TV implodes, causing no harm to the TV advertisement people at all. This isn’t good enough. Something must be done.

In ten years time, I will be 34. Or dead. From a (flying?) car crash, or smoking related illness, or stress related illness caused by my son (who will then be 15) learning to drive (a flying car?). If I’m not dead, and in fact am 34, I hope I will be financially stable-ish, and good at mornings. Because at the moment I’m not. And it’s annoying me very very much.

Thank you for reading about the future of doom. If you would like to buy a flying car, send large amounts of cash to:

The Invisible Non-Existent Flying Car Company

c/o Kristie

6 My Street



Caution: Flying Car may not fly, or even exist. Contents hot when heated. May contain traces of nuts. Discard packaging, do not eat.

18 Jul 2010 Tauranga Protected by Matakana Island

The Western Bay of Plenty is located on the Eastern coast of New Zealands North Island. You can reach the beautiful sun drenched destination by travelling south 2.5 hours from Auckland, 1.5 hours east from Hamilton, or just 1 hour from Rotorua. All have International Airports.

Tauranga is located at the head of a large harbour which extends along the western Bay of Plenty, and is protected by Matakana Island.

Tauranga City is seen as one of the premier destinations. Tauranga offers a huge range of attractions, activities, recreational pursuits and some of the finest restaurants, cafes and shopping set next to New Zealands most amazing beaches. Top quality facilities ensure Tauranga reputation as the place to live as well as to visit year round.

Visitor Information Centres exist throughout the Tauranga area for your convenience. Trained staff are on hand to answer any questions as to what to do and where to stay within the region. All bookings for travel, accommodation and activities can be made when calling at any of the Information Centres.

The ultimate adrenaline buzz in the bay. Highly trained and highly skilled all Tandem Masters and equipment comply with the New Zealand Parachute Federation, and Civil Aviation requirements. Tauranga Tandem Skydiving operates from the Tauranga Airport, five minutes from the port of Tauranga and the Mount Maunganui Beach.

Taurangas only indoor rock climbing centre. Fully supervised hours of fun for young and old alike in a safe environment. As well as being fun, it develops self esteem, pushes people to and sometimes beyond their limits.

The Adventure Park is located on a picturesque bend in the Wairoa River, a relaxed location for people to enjoy a family day out. Established on the river are a flat water slalom training site and a kayak polo arena. A gladiators pole, a rock climbing wall, Tarzan swing and three diving, jumping and bombing locations have provided countless visitors with hours of fun.

In the summer most holiday makers travel to The Mount to make the most of the beautiful beaches and the great surf. The waters off the coast are also are good fishing areas. It also has a good selection of beautiful walks.

People here love to eat out. There is a large selection of restaurants to eat at, especially on The Strand, which is regarded as the restaurant central of Tauranga. As with eating, people here love cafes. You will also find numerous pubs around the area. The Strand is the main strip of Nightlife consisting of bars, clubs and restraunts.

15 Jul 2010 Baby Teething

When your baby’s first tooth appears it’s a big milestone. But teething can also be a painful and frustrating time for many babies, as well as their parents! Knowing what to anticipate when your child is teething, and what you can do to help, can make the process a little easier for both of you.

Each baby reacts to teething differently. Some experience a painless process with little discomfort. Their teeth just spring up without any problems. The first that you know of them is when they smile or when you hear them clink on a spoon. Others find teething painful and upsetting, making them grumpy for weeks and unsettling their sleeping and feeding habits.

Symptoms your baby may be teething

* swollen ridges on gums for some time before teeth actually arrive.

* irritable or fretful

* dribbling and dribble rashes

* chewing and biting on everything, putting his hands in his mouth

* red cheeks or ears

* some babies may nurse more for comfort, others may refuse to feed

* out bowel motions (not diarrhoea), which may cause nappy rash

* your once ideal sleeper may wake often during peak teething times and be hard to resettle

Babies often get sick with coughs and colds or diarrhoea during their first few years of life. Although they might happen at the same time as teeth coming through, they’re not caused by teething. If you’re worried about your child’s health, take your baby to see a doctor.

Then the First Tooth Becomes Visible

Your child’s baby teeth will start popping through the gums as early as three months. In rare cases, babies are even born with teeth.

The teeth usually come through in upper and lower pairs, often starting with the two bottom front teeth (central incisors), but the order may vary. The four upper teeth (central and lateral incisors) then the bottom lateral incisors usually follow. The first molars, or back teeth, come next, then the pointy top eye teeth. Most children will have all their 20 deciduous teeth by the time they’re three.

Auckland paediatric dentist Nina Vasan says you can start looking after your baby’s pearly whites before the first tooth shows up by wiping his gums daily with a clean, damp washcloth or gauze. Once teeth spring up, clean them with a smear of junior toothpaste on a damp cloth.

At around one, move on to a toothbrush with a small head, soft bristles and a handle that’s easy to hold. Don’t worry if your baby just sucks on the paste or chews on the brush to begin with as it will get him used to having a toothbrush in his mouth.

Nina Vasan says the easiest way to brush your child’s teeth is to get him to sit on your lap or a chair and brush from behind or get him to lie down on the floor or couch. Have him spit the toothpaste out and don’t rinse afterwards. Don’t let your child swallow or eat toothpaste as too much fluoride can be dangerous. Always store the toothpaste out of reach. As soon as a couple of teeth touch together, try to floss your child’s teeth. Get him to lie down while you do it.

By the time all your child’s teeth are through, you should be brushing them at least twice a day, and especially after meals. You can expect your toddler to brush his own teeth from the age of three, but you must continue to supervise children until they’re around eight. Enrol your child by age one with a school dental clinic.

14 Jul 2010 Gardening tips

Vegetable gardening can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Eating your own fresh vegetables picked straight off the plant or fresh from the ground with the real taste still intact beats store brought produce every time.

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and gardening on the slopes of One Tree Hill, an extinct volcano, with perfect dark volcanic soil, it was merely a matter of chucking some seeds onto the ground, raking it over with soil and coming back and harvesting the bounty. With very regular rainfall there was little need to irrigate, a bit of pest control to keep down the snails and abit of weeding was about it.

What a shock to come to the Gold Coast, Queensland and attempt to create a vegetable garden here. The soil is poor and solid clay with a rock not far below with little or no top soil.

Clay is one of the most difficult mediums to grow plants in. The particular mix is so fine that oxygen and water have a hard time getting to the roots of any plant. Hard as concrete in the dry and waterlogged in the rainy season. Without special preparation you will be lucky to even get weeds to grow.

As you can see in the picture above success can be achieved but work is required.

To prepare the garden a maddock was used to break up the clay into smaller pieces. It is actually better to do this when the clay is dry, rather than waterlogged. Its just heavier when wet and sticks to the maddock. This is time consuming back breaking work. But take a small patch at a time and come back after a rest. Take several days to complete the vegetable patch, gardening is to help build the muscles, not destroy them. Whilst doing this task many times rock was hit, however most rock on the Gold Coast shatters when hit and breaks into smaller pieces. While many of these were removed pieces smaller than half the size of your fist were left in on the advice of garden manuals. Why? It is said that small rocks help drainage and add minerals to the soil over time. So long as the don’t make up more than 5%-10% of the soil, leave them in. Eventually a base of the patch was layered out.

To further soften and break up the clay store brought clay breakers were added. Easily available at your gardening or hardware store they are added to water and sprayed on the garden though they work best over a period of time.

Next Gypsum was added. This comes in large bags and is easy to spread out by hand, mix in with the clay and it too will further help ‘relax’ the

06 Jul 2010 All About Lawnmowing Services

Lawn mowing services provide a professional and organized lawn outdoor cleaning and maintenance. This is with the use of well-serviced equipment. Usually, lawn mowing would entail the use of a lawnmower machine which is suited for cutting grasses in residential lawns, gardens, golf courses and parks. Many lawn mowing companies offer quality services and equipments in order to satisfy their customer needs.

Lawn mowing services provide a professional and organized lawn outdoor cleaning and maintenance. This is with the use of well-serviced equipment. Usually, lawn mowing would entail the use of a lawn mower machine which is suited for cutting grasses in residential lawns, gardens, golf courses and parks. This is because a lawn mower has one or more revolving or rotating blades that generally come in different types. This would include the following:

•Cylinder or reel mower – This is a form of mechanical mower that employs an assembly blade that rotates on a horizontal axis, carrying the lawn mower close to the grass.

•Rotary mowers – This type employs a blade that rotates on a vertical axis. It is often powered by an internal combustion engine that runs on liquid fuels or gasoline.

•Cordless mowers – This type is considered as a battery operated type of machine.

•Riding mowers – This is a type of machine where in the operator rides on it and controls the mower. It uses a horizontal rotating blade system that would go hand on hand with its multiple blades.

•Hover mowers – This is a rotary push powered mower that uses turbine in order to drive the air down, creating an air cushion that lifts the mower like a hovercraft.

•Robotic mowers – This is a robot type of mower that requires the user to set up a wire border that points out the area to be mowed. Plus, its boundaries will be trimmed as well.

•Professional grass-cutting equipment – This is used in larger platforms such as stadiums, universities and large establishments.

In history, lawn mowers were invented in the year 1827 by the famous Edwin Beard Budding, an English engineer. Edwin’s mower was designed to cut gardens and lawns, particularly on sports grounds as an alternative to scythe. The mower was patented on October 1830 and its manufacture began in the early 1860s. Hence, gasoline powered rotary mowers were introduced by Power Specialist Ltd in the 1930s.

Nowadays, many gasoline powered lawn mowers are seen in the market. Hence, side effects in our environment vary with the use of this machine due to the carbon dioxide emissions.

There are also several designs that are best suited for residential and commercial lawns. These are made and are currently being used by the evolving lawn mowing service companies. Thus, it also became an alternative for personal gardeners in working on the maintenance of either small scaled or large called lawns.

Here are the lists of some of the lawn mowing services:

1.A1 Lawnmowing Services Ltd.

This company has been operational for over 25 years now. They started as a contractor, operated only by one man with the name of Bryan Knight. Thus, A1 provides professional and compete outdoor maintenance packages. It is located at Marua Road Mount Wellington, Auckland.

The associated companies and expertise of A1 are as follows:

•A1 Lawnmowing Services Ltd – Offers a commercial type lawn mowing service that can be endorsed to other contractors as well.

•A1 Stump Services Ltd – Develops equipment and offers free quotes. They can completely start and finish their work for a span of seven days.

•A1 Landscape Services Ltd – Their services are equipped towards ongoing maintenance, commercial and small areas.

•A1 Tree Services Ltd – Services all types of trees and removes it from ones property, especially if there are cases of falling and big debris.

2.Xtreme Mow Over

Free phone: 0800 08 08 09

Xtreme has been in operation for 15 years now. They boast of their experience in lot or lawn mowing services, carefully eliminating high brush and weeds, cutting grass and clearing vacant lots and commercial spaces. Their price is highly competitive due to their highly specialized and effective services.

For instances where in they will be serving in Neuces County, Texas, Xtreme offers 50% off on mowing services, along with an annual contractual service until you sell it.

These are some of the services they provide:

•Vacant lots – Mowed 6 times a year for an annual fee. You can also contact them for an emergency or on call basis. The price would depend on the size of the lot.

•Residential and commercial vacant building – Mowing of waist high grass in a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and even on a quarterly basis.

•Red carpet service for large acreage lots – Maintains a five foot perimeter path on ones property.

3.Grasshopper Lawn mowing Services

A complete lawn mowing service is what this company offers, along with a full range of new equipments. Grasshopper also guarantees the quality of work from the smallest to largest commercial lawns.


•Cutting lawns using mulching mowers or collecting clippings and disposing it as well.

•Specialized in manicured lawns for factories, Schools, Villages, Office Blocks, Parks and Lifestyle Blocks.

•Full garden service maintenance includes planting, pruning, weeding and spraying.

Grasshopper also gives a loyalty card to every regular customer. This actually entitles him with a 10th cut free. Prices start as little as $12.00.

4.Land Impressions

Address: Jacksonville, Florida CALL 904.537.2587

This company includes free lawn vacuuming for bagging leaves. Aside from this, they offer price reductions, along with per visit and per month fee basis.

Per year visit: 42 visits

Apr-Oct- one visit in a week in summer Price: $41.42

Nov-Mar. – one visit every two weeks in winter Price: $54.48

Some of the services they provide are as follows:




•Weed-eating, and

•Controlling of bed weeds and flowers

5.Mow My Lawn

Address: 337 Route 36 Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Phone: 732-391-2281

Fax: (888) 503-1989

Email: support@mowmylawn.com

Mow My Lawn is a family run business of Bill and Greg Beier. They basically offer lawn care services by creating and maintaining manicured lawns. The company provides excellent services, especially in residential weekly lawn mowing right in Lincroft, Middletown and Holmdel of New Jersey.

The services and packages they guarantee would include:

•Weekly service calls

•Trimming and Edging of entire property


•Plant beds, and


•Lawn mowing

•Customizing a solution on property

•Spring cleanups, and

•Fall leaf cleanups.

6.Mowing & More, LLC

Address: Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone Number: 301-674-0312

Mowing and More provides landscape management services throughout Washington D.C. and Montgomery County Maryland.

The services they offer are as follows:

•Lawn Fertilizing

•Spring Cleanups

•Professional Lawn Mowing

•Fall Leaf Cleanup

•Lawn Fertilizing

•Snow Removal

•Gutter Cleaning

•Flower Bed Care

Professional weekly lawn mowing service includes:

•Collecting grass clippings and leaves on the lawn and hardscapes (charges on disposal apply).

•Edging along each defined sidewalks, flower beds, driveways, and the like

•Cleaning of stairwells in order to prevent flooding.

•Power blowing meant for debris along your sidewalks, driveway, curbs, and patios.

Spring Cleanups:

•Re-edging of bed edges by hand

•Trimming of dry long-lived plants to remove any dead growth on the plants.

•Cleaning of all leaves, sticks, garbage and debris from the property.

Mulch Installation:

•Heightens the beauty of any landscape while keeping the moisture in the soil, reduces weed growth and prevents erosion.

•Provides double-shredded hardwood mulch at depth of 2” – 2.5”.

•Spreading the mulch in designated locations and combs it in order to leave the place finished and clean.

Flower Bed Care:

•Regular bed landscape maintenance that includes trimming of overgrown ground cover and ornamental shrubs, cutting back of dead perennials and weeding of mulched areas.

Fall Leaf Cleanup:

•Clears the property of piles and leaves.

Landscape Maintenance:

•Maintaining landscapes from small commercial properties up to large companies and condo-associations.

7.Greenhouse Landscaping & Lawn Care Service

Address: San Antonio Lawn Maintenance

Contact person: Adolph Marroquin

Phone number: 210- 843-5004

Greenhouse is a professional landscaping company that offers the following services:

•Residential and commercial needs in lawn care (year-round yard services)

•Landscape design and maintenance

•Sod installation


•Insect and weed control programs

•Free estimates

•Lawn analysis


•Fence installation and repair




•Gutter cleaning

•Tree and shrub trimming, and

•Hand leaf raking

8.High and Tight Lawn Service

Phone number: 904-379-5522

E-mail: HTLawnCare http://comcast.net

The products and services they guarantee are as follows:

•Commercial and Residential lawn mowing


•Weed eating

•Pressure washing

•Athletic fields, and

•Free estimates

Brands: John Deere

Certification & Affiliations: Licensed and Insured Wayne McElroy Owner/Operator

Hours of Operation: Mondays up to Saturdays from 7:00 AM up to 6:00 PM

9.The Lawn Lady

The Lawn Lady provides a reliable grass cutting and lawn care services for both commercial and residential areas. Based in Fareham, Hampshire, it is run by mature professionals that use quality equipments. The company also renders services to nursing homes, letting agents, holiday lets, hotels, and business developments. Plus, they also cater to relocating companies. Thus, Lawn Lady encourages the recycling of garden waste and composting it as a part of conserving the natural resources.

Their services are as follows:

•Cutting of lawns including edging

•Cutting of rough grass

•Maintaining lawn edges with an edging machine


•Cutting of small hedges and shrubs.

•Strimming grass banks and uneven grassed areas

•Sweeping of adjoining hard surfaces

•Trimming grass around trees and structures

•Undergrowth clearance.

•Removal of hedge cuttings

Schedule of Contracted Operation: Regular (will range from weekly up to monthly)

10.The Liberation Team

Phone number: 09 4282981 or 021 2601422

Liberation team provides friendly, fast and reliable services at a great price.

Their services are as follows:

•Spraying and weeding

•Trimming of hedge

•Garden tidy ups

•Scheduled lawn mowing that may start at $10, including mulching or catching and edging among others

•Mulching and garden bed planting

•Lawn care such as fertilizing, aerating, patching

•Weed whacking

•Suggests new plantings and hard landscaping

Finding a professional lawn mowing company is really a tough decision, especially if you are keen in creating or maintaining a certain yard, whether it’s a small or a large lawn. It is best to check on the various lawn mowing services in your area. Check with other people and assess their portfolio, past projects and testimonies. It will really ease your doubts if you get to talk to some of their customers.

Thus, lawn mowing companies should provide the most effective and quality equipment services to their clients. They should also have the capability to recommend good ideas based on their customer’s budget and desires. Lawnmowing has truly become the most convenient way for the best possible, competitive and affordable lawn and garden maintenance.

06 Jul 2010 There’s Something for Everyone in New Zealand North Island; Part 1

Are you thinking about your next vacation? Fancy going somewhere exotic? You need look no further than New Zealand. Perhaps you enjoy dining out, maybe you love hiking, perhaps you are an adventure junkie or maybe you just like to laze around on the beach. New Zealand has it all.

The North Island has 2 major cities, Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand by far with a population of 1.2 million people. Still not that large a city by most countries standards but it is very spread out land wise. Auckland is located in the northern part of the North Island and is the main gateway for travellers coming in to the country. The other major city is Wellington which is located at the southern tip of the North Island. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and there is an efficient ferry service providing the connection between the North and South Island.

Bay of Islands




Hawkes Bay



Look out for Part 2 of this article covering the South Island coming soon.

30 Jun 2010 As the “Sun” goes down, there sees the birth of L’Eclipse

(Hong Kong, September 2006) After 17 years in business, the Sun’s Café at the Langham Hotel Hong Kong will be transformed into an all-day interactive dining restaurant – L’Eclipse (which means Langham’s Eclipse), due to open early December of this year.

L’Eclipse will be known as the premier casual dining experience, employing an inspired modern approach to traditional Asian cuisine from an array of action and wok-fired stations. The cuisine will be a highly creative blend of authentic Chinese, Asian and Western fare influenced from Hong Kong’s diverse world class cuisine.

According to the interior designer Andy Tait of LRF Designers Limited, whose previous works have received the Scottish National Heritage Awards and the British Travel Writers Awards, “L’Eclipse will be a stylish and innovative restaurant with an open kitchen concept.”

Guests will experience the first visual impact when they enter the remodeled glazed entrance, where they will be met by an irresistible dessert showcase awash with bold colors and textures. Next on the visual tour is a free standing back-lit podium piled up with the freshest seafood, oysters and prawns. The theatre-styled kitchen design will allow guests to customize their feast through open dialogues with chefs and enjoying the views of kitchen and its team in action.

To enhance the touch and feel of a modern yet elegant dining experience, Tait has married the natural warmth of sandstone & granite with the contemporary feel of steel & tempered glass. A stylized and dramatic eclipse will be projected onto sheer drapery, while color-changing mood lighting will subtly shift the restaurant from day to evening. The image of “Eclipse” is further strengthened by the iconic feature wall which subtly separates the dining and open-kitchen area.

“At L’Eclipse, we will be reputed for our outgoing and friendly chefs whose creations are made according to the selections and tastes of discerning patrons. We will be flexible, knowledgeable and inventive as we cater to the vast range of cultures and backgrounds of our guests,” says Executive Chef, Christopher Christie.

Items represented on the all-day dining as well as a la carte menu will reflect a fresh approach to Asian Cuisine with strong Chinese influences of high quality. L’Eclipse will open its doors early December this year where breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner will be served daily.

For information on the The Langham Hotel, Hong Kong, please visit: hongkong.langhamhotels.com

About Langham
Langham has a legendary hotel heritage dating back to 1865 when the The Langham Hotel in London originally opened as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. For 140 years, this flagship hotel has been at the forefront of sophisticated and gracious hospitality. Today, all Langham Hotels worldwide inherit the same philosophy that reflects elegance, continuous innovation and genuine hospitality creating a truly unique hotel experience

About Langham Hotels International:
Langham Hotels International (LHI) features six properties with over 2,700 rooms in five gateway cities across the four continents, namely, London, Boston, Hong Kong (2), Melbourne and Auckland. In each city Langham Hotels is associated with the prestigious “The Leading Hotels of the World” group which represents some of the world’s finest luxury hotels.

LHI is wholly owned by Great Eagle Holdings Limited a publicly listed company (HKSE: 41) which was founded in 1963 and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1972.