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20 Aug 2010 For adventure travelers, is Australia or New Zealand the more extreme down under experience?

For adventure travelers, is Australia or New Zealand the more extreme down under experience?

Many people do not know that Australia and New Zealand are two different countries. The area of New Zealand is 268,680 sq km, and Australia is7,686,850 sq km. So if you are an adventure traveler about to plan your holidays, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to decide where you want to go even if both countries have similar activities. You do not want to travel half a day from one activity to another.

New Zealand is famous for fun and extreme sports. The adrenaline pumping bungy was founded here by AJ Hackett Bungy. If you are pressed for time, you jump off the Auckland harbor bridge or Sky jump off the Sky Tower, the highest tower in the Southern hemisphere. All the way south, you can bungy jump at Rotorua or Queenstown if you missed the Auckland jumps. Both my two teen aged daughters bungy jumped, and they swear that it is the most exhilarating thing they had done while my heart was in my mouth when I witness them jumping.

Also in Auckland, and Rotorua, there is the Zorb. The Zorb is one big giant transparent rubber sphere. You can choose a dry ride or a wet one and you crawl into it. The Zorb spins down a slope and you spin with it. One moment the world is under you, another it is on top. It takes New Zealand to invent this fun sport which is now available in Australia and USA.

What about jumping out of the plane by yourself or with an instructor in tandem Skydive. This is available in the North Island at Taupo or near to Christchurch in the South Island. There are helicopter rides, small planes and you can fly off giant kites. You can land on a glacier and walk on it. There are not air balloons, parachutes.

On shallow water, you can go on water jet and they go so fast that they can make three hundred and sixty degrees spin. When I was in one, a friend shot into the front covered part of the jet. I understood why the jet was called a shot over jet. It gives such an adrenaline rush that the operators call them thrill therapy.

There are many rivers and waterfalls in New Zealand. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, and sledging are very popular.

At the Waitomo caves, you journey into the “centre of the earth,” and Glow worms hang from the roof like stars twinkling at you. I went with my twelve year old daughter, on a three hour cave tubing or black water rafting in the underground labyrinth of limestone caves and formations of stalactites and stalemates.

05 Aug 2010 Unforgettable Travel Experiences in New Zealand

The islands of New Zealand were the commencement inhabited by Polynesian maori. The British colony was established in the country in 1840. In 1907, New Zealand became independent. The rugged mountains and large coastal plains are the main geographical features of the country. According to the 2006 census, the population of New Zealand had 41.43.279 years. In December 2007 it was estimated that the country’s population is approximately 42.68.000.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, where the population is counted for 1.69.000. However, Auckland is the largest city in the country. The English, which employed 98% of the population is the official language of New Zealand. Maori, used by 4.2% of New Zealanders was also given the status of a country’s official language. Religions, which are followed by inhabitants of New Zealand, are Anglican, Presbyterian and Catholic.

The presence of high mountains, glaciers, tropical forests, fjords, geysers and beaches still unknown has resulted in the remarkable growth of the tourism industry in New Zealand. The country enjoys a huge step each year.

You can use the following links to get different variations map of New Zealand. You can also collect general information and travel on to New Zealand links given below. From history, geography, information economy, people, culture and flag of the New Zealand here you will get every bit of critical information on the country.

The tour of New Zealand offers you the wealth of things to enjoy for as New Zealand is a land blessed with glacial mountains, rivers fluids, ice mountains, lakes and many wonders normal. He ‘s a country where you can engage in many outdoor activities. Whether it is not marked walk (up), skiing, transport and bungee jumping by raft.

The tour of New Zealand are a lot to choose from. There are many categories of excursion such as command and in addition to 4-wheel drive excursions, adventure trips, excursions age category, the tour’s agricultural and farmland of New Zealand, Tour boat and navigation, the tour bus from New Zealand, camping and outdoor tour of New Zealand, cruises, day trips and overnight excursions and cultural, made to order and personal travel stung, Eco and nature travel, educational excursions, expedition crosses, film and theme travel, gay and lesbian travel, heritage and historical excursions, lord of the ring travel, motorcycle travel package tours and planners vacation trips photography and art, and private guiding service, tour of New Zealand sports and golf, surfing and personal Kitebarding Tours and geothermal and volcanic tour of New Zealand.

The bus tour of New Zealand travel by the beautiful landscape and an expert driver would also be there to tell you about places to be visited. The best thing about the bus tour of New Zealand is that you can have unforeseen cuts when we love.

The command of 4 wheels and also road trips are adventurous and take you by the landscape staggering. There are road trips to Edoras, Canterbury, Wanaka, Twizel, New Zealand, Queenstown, Christchurch, Glenorchy, Lake Coleridge, Canterbury; excursions apart adeventure of Taupo. are offered the caves of Waitomo, to the west coast, Christchurch, Blenheim, Methven, compartment islands, the new Zealnad away, Westport, South Island, Twizel, Kaikoura, Christchurch, Canterbury and to the island’s north.

02 Aug 2010 Taking a New Zealand Vacation

Everyone is looking for the perfect place to spend vacation time at. One of the most popular ideas for vacations is, of course, a place that is close to being paradise. Tropical palm trees, soft, warm winds, crystal clear blue water, white sands, and nightlife that is full of great food, great people, and the best entertainment on Earth. New Zealand is a fantastic place to spend a vacation.

New Zealand is made up of two large islands, the North Island and the South Island, as well as many other very small islands. The country is famous for its geographic isolation, being about 1200 miles southeast of Australia. Since it is so isolated, New Zealand is home to some of the most extraordinary foreign wildlife and flora in the world. Travelers will find it interesting that until 2006, with the exception of a few species of bats, it was thought that New Zealand had no native life that was not marine life. In 2006, however, bones of a newly discovered native species had been found. Now, everything from exotic birds to tropical lizards and insects to land animals of all kinds can be found here. And, of course, the marine life that can be witnessed on a New Zealand vacation is second to none.

The South Island, being larger than the North Island, also is the more mountainous of the two. While at land level the climate is pleasant and warm, the mountain tops are covered with snow. The Maori people welcome visitors from all over the world all year round. English is the main language, followed by the Maori language of the native people. There is a heavy influence of English and British culture, and many famous movies and sporting events have been made here. The worlds largest Polynesian festival is held annually in Auckland, as are many other smaller festivals throughout the year. Agriculture has always been a main economic driving force in New Zealand, boasting some of the best dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables that can be found on the globe.

The perfect vacation spot for individuals, couples, families, and groups of friends is New Zealand. Where no two days are the same, and the cities, country, beaches and farms paint a perfect picture, the sports, activities, entertainment, dining, and rich culture with stay with vacationers for a lifetime to come.

31 Jul 2010 The city of sails

Auckland Harbour also known as Waitemata Harbour is a 70 square mile harbour and is the main access by sea to Auckland, New Zealand. It connects the city and port to the Hauraki Gulf, and thus to the Pacific Ocean.For this reason it is often referred to as Auckland Harbour, despite the fact that it is only one of two harbours surrounding the city. The Waitemata forms the north and west coasts of the Auckland isthmus. It is matched on the south by the shallower waters of Manukau Harbour.

The name is from the Māori language, with Wai te Mataa referring to obsidian glass. The ‘sparkling waters’ (a later translation of the meaning) of the harbour were said to glint like the volcanic glass prized by these early arrivals to the harbour. Auckland is often known as the “City of Sails” for the large number of yachts that grace the Waitemata Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf.

Some of the attractions of the harbour for travelers include the breath taking view across the sea with the Auckland Harbour Bridge in the background. Auckland’s vibrant waterfront is also home to the New Zealand National Maritime Museum. A visit promises a broad overview of New Zealand rich maritime heritage.As its Maori name, Te Huiteanaui-A-Tangaroa (holder of the treasures of Tangaroa – of the Sea God) suggests, this museum stores many of New Zealand’s treasures. Visitors may also get the opportunity to cruise across the harbour on a heritage vessel.

For travelers that wish to experience a little bit more adventure and excitement on their holiday a good excursion would be climbing Auckland Harbour Bridge. An Auckland hotel that offers easy access to the waterfront is the Copthorne Hotel which is situated near the Auckland Harbour the all of the rooms at this hotel offer beautiful views of the Harbour and also gives easy access to other areas of interest in the city.

30 Jul 2010 Important Historical Landmarks of New Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be one of the youngest countries in the world, as it was the last major land mass to be discovered by Europeans. For a young country, New Zealand boasts many fascinating and important historical sites, a legacy of its original inhabitants, the Maori and also its years as a British colony.

The most important historical site in the country is at Waitangi on North Island, where a treaty was signed in 1840 between the Maori and the British, the site is considered to be the birthplace of New Zealand as a nation. The grounds cover 1000 acres and were a gift to the people of New Zealand by the governor at the time, Lord Bledisloe.

There are several highlights of any visit to Waitangi. Not to be missed are the Treaty House, the country’s oldest home, and built for New Zealand’s first resident. Te Whare Runanga is an elaborately carved Maori meeting house; and you can also marvel at one of the world’s largest ceremonial war canoes. Many visitors simply enjoy strolling around the beautiful grounds. If that inspires you, you can even get married at Waitangi.

Two of the oldest towns in New Zealand are situated in the area of the country known as the Bay of Islands, Russell and Kerikeri. Russell boasts an excellent small museum offering an overview of contact between the Maori and Europeans; as well as Christ Church, the oldest wooden church in New Zealand. Russell is also the site of one of the most infamous incidents in the country’s history, the chopping down of the ceremonial British flagpole by the Maori chief Hone Heke.

Kerikeri has the distinction of being the oldest European settlement in New Zealand. A stroll through the quaint streets of the town will show you both the oldest wooden building and the oldest stone building in the country. A couple of nearby historical sites give an insight into New Zealand’s history. Kororipo Pa is a well-preserved Maori fort; Rewa Village is a full scale reconstruction of a Maori fishing village.

Throughout New Zealand, there are many other reminders of the Maori, such as burial grounds, sacred sites and tribal meeting places. The area around Taranaki on the North Island is a particularly good place to visit if you want to learn about the Maori culture, the small settlement at Parihaka was the largest Maori village in the region during the 19th century. There is also a monument to the Maori leader Maui Pomare, as well as the remains of several Maori forts, known as pa.

Wellington has been New Zealand’s capital since 1865 and boasts several historic buildings and sites, many dating from its days as an early European settlement. You can take one of several walking tours of Wellington which take in such historic sites as the birthplace of Katherine Mansfield, the country’s most famous author; and the Dominion Observatory, which once kept the time for the entire country.

Much of the country’s more recent history has been shaped at the Parliament buildings complex. Not to be missed if you are in Wellington are the Old Government building, the second largest wooden building in the world, and the National Library of New Zealand, with its books, maps and other documents. Also, not too far away, you can see one of the country’s most important and famous documents, the actual Treaty of Waitangi, on display at the National Archives building.

Nearly all visitors traveling to New Zealand by air arrive in Auckland, the country’s largest city. Although Auckland is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, it is worth taking the time to seek out some of the area’s historic sites. One of Auckland’s most beautiful buildings is Alberton, an ornate Victorian mansion dating from 1863, which offers a glimpse into how the wealthy lived 150 years ago.

Another historic home in the Auckland area is Highwic; a wooden house built in the Gothic style and filled with antiques. In order to gain some insight into the important role the sea has played in the lives of New Zealanders, visit the National Maritime Museum. Not only can you look at exhibits spanning 1,000 years, you can sail on them. The historic ship Ted Ashby offers rides several times a week.

Admittedly, many people visit New Zealand for the spectacular and dramatic scenery, and the chance to experience the great outdoors at its very best. However, if you are lucky enough to visit New Zealand, do not overlook the country’s proud and fascinating history.

06 Jul 2010 Navigating Through Your New Zealand Travel

New Zealand travel is quickly becoming one of the absolute coolest things to be able to say that you have done. This country is the best kept secret in the entire world, but more and more people are discovering it everyday. There are seven different climatic regions in the entire world and New Zealand has six of them. New Zealand travel is the best way to see golden sand beaches and marine parks that are protected that you can view them from on or below the surface. You will also be able to get up close and personal with active volcanic areas, but do not worry because they are completely safe. The Australian Alps are unlike anything else with their pristine snow caps where you can ski or climb depending on the time of year.

Australia is full of tours that allow you to explore the forests and amazing plant life that is all around. There are basically two different parts of New Zealand: the North Island and the South Island. The North Island is home to Auckland which is the largest urban and suburban area in the entire country. This suburban area has a population of almost two million people and it is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery with harbors and beaches that are to die for. If you are a surfer then you will find this area to be especially unique because there a so many different undiscovered surf areas that will truly open your eyes to a new world of surfing that you never thought imaginable. To the west of Auckland, you can find some rather large vineyards, so if that is what you are in to then plan to be there for the entire day. Auckland has a very strong reputation as being a Mecca for sailors and that has been reaffirmed again and again over the years. It actually has more boats per capita than any other city in the entire world.

Do not worry if you are not a surfer or an avid boater because this city boasts some of the best shopping, galleries and museums in the world. These areas are great because they provide a multicultural environment blending European, Asian and Polynesian cultures. There are many other great tourist attractions so whether you are traveling alone or on a family vacation you will have no problem finding something for everyone to enjoy.

30 Jun 2010 Weird travel stories
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Cruising at about 35,000 feet, the woman calmly finished her economy class airline dinner. Her husband sat in the adjoining seat, blood seeping through his trousers. He excused himself to use the lavatory. Returning in a fresh pair of britches, he once again took his seat. “Don’t worry Jacques”, his brother-in-law seated across the aisle counseled. “We’ll be landing in Papeete soon and then we’ll be home in a short while. You’ll be okay there”. I had my doubts.

They had boarded the plane in Auckland, New Zealand. I had first noticed them in the passenger lounge; an elderly man and his wife accompanied by her brother and sister-in-law. The group of four stood near the water fountain. The older man was dressed in summer whites. He had just made his way out of the men’s room. I couldn’t help but stare at the blood on the front of his pants thinking “What the? Something must have broken loose. Has he had surgery”? Countless thoughts raced through my mind. The biggest question was Why aren’t they getting medical assistance for him”? His wife and relatives looked at the mess and then took a sweater and wrapped it around the front of him like an apron, effectively covering the blood. My companion noted, “They’ll never let him fly like that”. I had misgivings. With the front of his trousers covered, the gate attendants would never notice.

We made our way to the gate, without further incident. Finding our seats I noticed that I shared the same row as the elderly gentleman and his wife. Great, I already felt queasy. After we had reached cruising altitude, the old man headed for the lavatory in what would be the first of many trips. I noticed that he carried a pair of trousers under his arm. After a short interlude, he returned, carrying a bloodied pair of pants with him. His wife noncommittally took them from him and stuffed them into a carry on. My eyes were drawn to the gruesome packet. This was going to be a long and unnerving flight.

More trips to the restroom were in store. I was shocked by the wife’s nonchalance with her husband’s condition. By the end of the flight, the gentleman was out of clothing. He had wrapped a blanket around his waist and quietly waited in a seat saturated with blood. The flight attendants were never the wiser of the drama being played out.

As the plane approached the landing strip at Papeete, Tahiti, the foursome secured their seat-belts. After landing, they waited while the rest of us deplaned. That was the last I saw of them. After a brief stopover in Tahiti we were to continue with the same plane to Los Angeles. We were on the ground longer than anticipated due the airline’s need to change out the seat the gentleman had occupied.

With thoughts of his prognosis going through my mind, we re-boarded the aircraft. Selfishly, I was relieved to think that I wouldn’t have to be made an unwilling party to an old man’s dire medical problem. The next set of passengers couldn’t possibly be as bad. I smiled as a beautiful young Tahitian couple and their toddler approached my row. They returned my smile and took their seats. I started to breath in a sigh of relief, but then realized something. They weren’t wearing any deodorant.

24 Jun 2010 City of Sails in the Middle Earth

New Zealand or Aotearoa (what means “Long White Cloud”) is mostly known for its beautiful and diverse nature geysers, mountains, lakes, beaches and glaciers. Nowadays the rapt attention New Zealand pays to the ecology allows to keep all its natural magnificencealmost untouched even in the big cities.
One of the most isolated corners of our planet, after the shooting of the trilogy “The lord of the rings” New Zealand received mighty flow of the tourists from all over the world. Everyone wanted to see what they considered the embodiment of the fabulous Middle Earth.
The most popular places in the country are national parks Mount Cook and Tongariro. New Zealand is the unique place where you can combine alpine skiing and lying on the beach.
Auckland is the main port of New Zealand. It was founded in 1840 and till 1865 (when Wellington was built) was the capital of New Zealand. With its population of 1,1 millions, Auckland is the biggest city in the country boasting the largest University and international airport. The city in located in a very picturesque place with the views of the Pacific Ocean and Tasmanian Sea.
Auckland is often called “the city of sails” ships and yachts are the integral part of the landscape. Twice a year it houses a prestigious international regatta – America’s Cup.
It’s also a city of parks Western, Victoria, Mayers, Albert and enormous Aukland-Domain to name just a few.
What else to see in Auckland? For example, Kelly Tarlton ‘ s Underwater World a museum with the underwater tunnel and Kelly Tarton ‘ s Antarctic Encounter a place where landscapes and animals of Antarctic are presented.
Among other attractions of Auckland are Zoo, Botanic Garden, local vineyards and National Maritime Museum.
Nowadays Auckland is developing fast, its look is changing, new modern skyscrapers, luxury hotels and shops are being built.

13 Jun 2010 What’s The Future of Air Travel?

Air travel is great when it works, when it doesn’t, it’s a nightmare. It is safe for infants, even newborns and no matter where you’re going, it seems air travel is an essential part of your trip. One reason why there is such fast growth is that air travel was under-priced until higher fuel prices came along but yet demand for air travel is at its highest levels since 9/11. It is governed by International, European and Domestic legislation and even private corporate air travel is now accessible. Traveling by air is the fastest way to travel but it is still very tiresome but is frequently the most practical method of covering the large distances between sights around the world. A century after the very first flight, air travel is no longer a miracle, it’s something we all now take for granted. Commercial air travel is a comfortable, speedy and a safe means of transport like buses in the sky.

This pattern is not seen for all airlines in all regions. Aloha Airlines received the fewest complaints for any airlines recently. Different airlines have different policies but they all make them as safe and profitable as possible. When it comes to prices now a days, the best deals are offered by Aeroflot, Quantas Airlines, Japan Airlines and Southwest Airlines. More and more airlines are cutting out a lot of their business class air travel and sticking with just coach and first class flights because business travel is way down. Some airlines are better than others at providing a quality air travel experience but there are so many flights to chose from. That’s why the member airlines of the Air Transport Association have set forth their commitment to improving air travel and making it as safe as can be.

With the geography of aviation and airports, air travel is a fascinating subject since it involves the immediate movement of people around the globe. Canada’s new government announces increased security measures for airports and air travel. European airports are handling the second largest air travel market in the world and are talking positively about their future. Whether on a domestic or a multinational trip, airports really can save you money. All airports in the United States are certainly focused on optimizing safety because millions of people are moving through our airports every day of the week.

Be smart while you travel: Make sure you follow travel safety tips while you are on your trip.The Airport Authority always offers tips for travelers and you should always follow them for smooth traveling.

Air travel is still growing and the key to successful air travel is planning, preparation and communication because it is such big business and can easily become a nightmare.

Happy Traveling

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12 Jun 2010 Travel experiences: Road trip horror stories

One might read this article and not see the terrible horror behind it but in the state and experience of what actually happened I’m sure the reader will understand.

My story begins 12 years ago on the road when i first applied for a Delivery Driving position with a firm called Mico Plumbing & Electrical, Onehunga, Auckland, NZ. My first week consisted of meeting colleagues learning the job and getting to know how the business operates. At the same time i was a Christian Musician attending fellowship three times a week quite a busy schedule.

Overtime at work i progressed on to become the truck driver for the firm which meant larger deliveries and also meant having to work harder. As time passed i found myself settling into the position and enjoying the job very much. Also production at work went up therefore more deliveries going out, now there’s overtime an hour here an hour there.

On one particular day the time was about 1 to 2 o’clock in the afternoon heading to the depot after dropping a load to a customer. I realised i was slightly tired and needing a rest, the traffic wasn’t that busy although there were still vehicles close by. Then it struck, “Wooh!” I Shouted, i couldn’t believe what just happened, one minute my eyes on the road and next minute black. I have never experienced such an event and all i could think was what an awful horrible feeling when you’re driving along and WHAM! all sight goes due to fatigue.

Have you ever heard of such a road trip horror story well this is one of my horror experiences with fatigue. I know there are some who have lost their lives in their battle with fatigue due to a black and not awakening from it. Many think fatigue is caused by lack of sleep and tiredness but i don’t believe it is maybe in some instances. There are many causes of fatigue and i must say from experience weariness, due to a lot of physical work during the day, is a major contributor to fatigue.

Just lately i was the Driver for a Meadow Fresh Franchise owner in Whangarei. I would start work at 4.am every morning and for the first hour and a half i was loading the milk on to the truck. During this time I’m physical, perspiring (sweating) and accomplishing quite a work out. After the truck is loaded and i head of to my allocated area which is an hours drive from the depot. Its not till about the 45 – 50 minute that it strikes and I’m fighting fatigue to stay awake till i get to my first drop cause i know once i get there I’ll be sweet.

Once i get that first drop done most of the rest are within a 5km radius and fatigue has no effect. Till i have to head south which is another 45 minute drive to the next town, then another 45 minutes to the next one and 45 minutes on the drive home.

Within one or two of those in between trips again fatigue would strike more than once and it is a horrible feeling.

If you have never experienced fatigue this is the closest i could get to explain it, while driving along at 100km shut your eyes for 1-1000 2-1000 seconds then open them again. The difference between the two is fatigue has the drowsy weary feeling behind it before you black out, and what i described above you still have a sense of control.