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29 Aug 2010 Stroke Prevention. The 7 Major Risk Factors

Stroke is the number one cause of adult disability in the world’s wealthiest countries and the third leading cause of death after heart attack and cancer.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that simple lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce your risk. Read on to discover the 7 top risk factors for stroke and what you can do to prevent them.

But first, what is a stroke and what are the warning signs?

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted and brain tissue is deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Most strokes are ischaemic strokes caused by blood clots blocking an artery to the brain.

About one out of five are caused by a haemorrhage in a blood vessel to the brain. This is a haemorrhagic stroke. It can occur when an artery ruptures causing bleeding into the brain.

A stroke can also happen when a clot from elsewhere in the body becomes dislodged and blocks an artery in the brain {embolic stroke}.

The common symptoms are:

Numbness, weakness or paralysis of the face, arm or leg on one or both sides of the body.
Loss of vision in one or both eyes.
Speech difficulty.
Vertigo, loss of balance.
Sudden, severe headache.
Confusion and memory problems.
Difficulty swallowing.
Seizures or blackouts.


High blood pressure or hypertension.
Defined by the US National Institutes of Health as a blood pressure reading of 140/90 or higher.
Factors such as a high fat diet, stress and being overweight can narrow arteries. The resulting pressurized blood flow damages artery walls, making the formation of fatty plaque more likely. Plaque can break off and cause blood clots to form according to studies at the Stroke Prevention and Atherosclerosis Research Centre at Robarts Research Institute London, Ontario, Canada.

Normalizing blood pressure cuts the risk of stroke in half. No other preventative measure is as effective. The Mediterranean diet can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke by up to 60%.This diet calls for five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It also emphasizes the importance of whole grains, beans, fish and poultry. It suggests replacing butter and cream with olive oil or oils rich in alpha-linolenic acid.


Smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke.
Cigarette smoke is a bigger risk factor than previously thought. Research conducted at the University of Auckland New Zealand divided people into three groups: smokers, non smokers exposed to secondhand smoke and non smokers not exposed to secondhand smoke.

Researchers discovered that smokers had six times the stroke risk of non smokers and non smokers exposed to secondhand smoke had almost double the risk of other non smokers.

The obvious prevention is to quit smoking. Some success has been achieved with nicotine patches, anti smoking medication and hypnosis.


Sticky blood or platelet aggregation.
In this process, microscopic components of blood stick together, leading to clot formation. To prevent this, talk to your doctor about taking a low dose aspirin daily. Aspirin inhibits platelet aggregation and can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 30% in some people. Vitamin E can improve blood flow and prevent blood clots. It is possibly the most important vitamin for promoting normal blood circulation, healthy arteries and heart.


High cholesterol level.
High total and/or high LDL ["bad"] cholesterol levels contribute to the narrowing of arteries.
Prevention: Have a blood test. If your total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are high, ask your doctor to discuss options with you. A number of natural options are available. These include a high fiber diet. Psillium husks and ground flaxseed are particularly high in fiber. Garlic can lower cholesterol levels as well as clean the arteries of accumulated fats.


Before a person has a stroke, he/she might have one or more “ministrokes”, or transient ischaemic attacks [TIAs}. The symptoms are the same as a stroke.

Though TIA symptoms go away, those who have had a TIA have about a 30% risk of having a stroke within the next two months.

Prevention: If you think you have had a TIA, see your doctor without delay. It is possible that you have symptomatic carotid stenosis, a severe narrowing of the carotid artery, the main artery leading to the brain. Endarterectomy, a procedure to clear this blockage, reduces the risk of stroke to 9%.


High Homocysteine level.
Homocysteine is an amino acid used by the body for many functions including detoxification. Normal blood levels are about 6-8mm for women and 8-12mm for men. As long as the body keeps these levels in check,it is not usually a problem.
According to Dr Kilmer McCully, author of “The Homocysteine Revolution”, this amino acid may be toxic and inflammatory when in excess and can lead to serious consequences including heart disease and stroke. It causes cholesterol to “catch” onto ridges in your artery walls. These cholesterol “traps” are the cause of a fatty build up called “plaque”, thus reducing the flow of blood and causing high blood pressure.

Some research studies have suggested that high homocysteine level is a more critical marker for heart disease and stroke than cholesterol levels.

Prevention: A blood check will determine your homocysteine level. If it is high the dietary supplement folate {folic acid} combined with vitamins B6 and B12 should help. Dietary improvements also help reduce homocysteine levels. Eliminate processed foods, including flour and sugar and eat more fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains.


Heavy Drinking.
This can increase your stroke risk threefold, so it’s vital to limit your intake.
Prevention: A moderate intake of one or two standard drinks daily, may actually decrease your stroke risk.


My father died of a stroke at the age of 35. He was strong, physically fit and thought he was indestructible. His warning sign was a severe and persistent headache. Despite requests from my mother to visit a doctor, they were ignored. He rarely suffered from headaches and dismissed it as a passing inconvenience.

John Newcombe, Wimbledon Tennis Champion and former captain of the Australian Davis Cup team, is a stroke survivor.

In his inspirational book “No One’s Indestructible”, he describes how he believed he was “bulletproof”. He had many warning signs and risk factors. He was a smoker, drinker, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was regularly under stress. He ignored them. His description of events leading up to and following his stroke, including his recovery program, makes compulsive reading.

Never start a new treatment before consulting your doctor, especially if you are currently taking medication. The information published in this article is not intended as a substitute for personal medical advice from your physician or other qualified health-care practitioner. It is for information only.

29 Aug 2010 Why polar bears are disappearing

One of the signs of global warming and an oft quoted example is the fact that polar bears are drowning in the arctic. Polar bears are at the top of the arctic food chain and feed mainly on seals although they do adapt to being omnivores particularly when around places of human activity – like garbage dumps.

The largest of the bears a large white polar bear is a site to behold. A polar bear will sit for hours above a seal’s blow hole waiting for a sign of a seal at which point it will use its huge weight to smash through the ice to catch, kill and eat a seal. Polar bears are also known for swimming huge distances between ice berges and ice packs. The problem with the great melt in the arctic circle it that these distances are know becoming even too great for the once mightly polar bear.

Many would say the only solution to preventing the polar bear from extinction is to breed them in captivity in zoos and the like. Whilst polars bear will live in zoos this poses many problems. Use to ranging over such a large area polar bears are quickly bored being locked up in a small enclosure. There are numerous examples of bears going quite mad in zoos. I remember one in Auckland zoo that spent most of the day pacing back and forth like a prisoner. Zoos and theme parks have improved the way they look after their polar bears including packing their food in ice (to make them work for it), hiding food in different ways to give the bears something to do. They also include more ‘toys’ to keep the bears busy. But even if this is better for the bears mental health genetically you need a population of at least 5000 bears with a highly skilled breeding program to ensure the health of the species.

Perhaps a radical solution would be to move some polar bears to the antarctic. The south pole is not going to melt anytime soon (but give mankind time to stuff it up). The polar bears would have plenty of prey – penguins, seals, birds, etc. Of course the huge risk of introducing a new species to this environment is the destruction of other species. Whilst seals would be fine giving that polar bears haven’t over hunted them up north penguins might be a different story – especially ones like the emperors that collect in huge groups to brood – a sitting ‘duck’ for a hungry polar bear. Perhaps a solution would be to tried them on some islands near the antarctic first and see how they went and whether other species could adapt to having a new predator.

Whatever the solution with the way the arctic is going time is running out for the polar bear (but not for property developers of nice warm arctic real estate!)

31 Jul 2010 Memoirs: Your earliest memory
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My earliest memory was when I had an major accident. It was so severe I had to be flowed to the Auckland hospital,for major head surgery. Doctors at the hospital were speaking to my families, explaining how serious my injuries were. I had a fracture skull untold seizes and I may not pull through. They were also told I have only two weeks to live, my family refuse to listen. The doctor’s gave them time to discuss what option they will take, turn the machine off or leave it on until the two weeks is up. My daughter said to leave the machine on.

In between the two weeks I started to show signs my eye’s were blinking, movement with my hands and I can hear people talking, my daughter started to cry, and said mum going to pull through. During the last few days I woke up, I was like a vegetable not my normal self, I was to be transfer to Bennett, again my daughter said no, she said only zombies go there, my mother is not mad we are taking her home. She dress me up wheel me down to the truck and drove us home.

Within the second week I was home something amazing happen to me I was walking, eating, talking to my family as if nothing happen to me. Everyone were amaze at my sudden recovery. Then my daughter said to me, mum someone (up there) is looking after you I started to cry and said it’s not my time or I have a mission to do from God and Jesus.

My mission was to help my family to get out off those evil thought from their minds also to help my parents who were being treated badly from my nephew.I couldn’t help them because no one would listen to me.They said to me, look after your self you are not well, I was furious at them for saying that,then I storm out of the house and stay away for while. After a few weeks went by mum came to see me and said she wasn’t feeling well. I told mum she has to stop looking after her daughters and grandchildren or you will get sick and may not pull through. Mum told my sisters what I said, they got angry, and said “don’t believe a word she says” she thinks she no everything, well a few weeks after that discussion my mum die. From that moment even today we still can’t communicate like ordinary family.

As for myself I still have bad headache tired eyes sore legs other then that I’m coping well, doing little things like washing dishes, making beds, vacuum the floor and help with the laundry.

I’m getting tired it’s time for me to rest.

This story is about myself. It’s the truth.

I Believe in the Ten Commandment our created and Jesus.

26 Jul 2010 Festive New Zealand

New Zealand is a land in the far south where immigrant cultures were grafted onto a Polynesian landscape. This makes for a colourful culture replete with festivals of all kinds. There are festivals marking special days in the country’s colonial history, events that celebrate the indigenous Polynesian culture and still others that commemorate New Zealand’s rich agricultural traditions.

New Zealand celebrates its history on the last Monday in January with the Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta. This colourful, nautical event commemorates the arrival of Captain Hobson in New Zealand when he founded the city of Auckland.

The Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta dates back to 1840 which makes it the country’s oldest sporting event. Predating the Americas Cup by 11 years, the Auckland Anniversary Regatta draws around 400 competing boats each year.

New Zealand’s Polynesian roots are celebrated at the Pasifika Festival held at Auckland’s Western Springs Stadium in March. The event celebrates the art, culture and lifestyle of the South Pacific through music and other performances.

First produced by Auckland City Council in 1993, Pasifika has grown over the years and now attracts more than 225000 visitors who come to enjoy the work of hundreds of performers from the Auckland region as well as the Pacific area.

The event kicks off on a Friday night with an opening concert from Air New Zealand. The main event starts of the Saturday and comprises around 300 food and craft stalls.

A popular addition to Pasifika was made in 1999 in the form of cultural villages. These showcase unique aspects of various Pacific Island communities. Each village presents a traditional and contemporary programme including music, dancing, workshops, and food.

In 2008, Wellington introduced its own Pasifika featuring exhibitors from Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, the Cook Islands, Tokelau and Niue displaying traditional handicrafts such as embroidery, weaving, shell jewellery and wood carving.

Agriculture is at the heart of the New Zealand economy so it’s no wonder that one of the country’s most important festivals covers farming and rural life. It’s the Royal New Zealand Show held over three days each November. With the theme of ‘Bringing the country to town’, the Show is held at Canterbury Agricultural Park, Wigram Road, Christchurch.

Featuring both indoor and outdoor displays and exhibitions, the Royal New Zealand Show attracts well over 100,000 visitors each year. Displays include marquees and pavilions showcasing the very best of New Zealand farming and rural life, top entertainment, and numerous other attractions. The event draws 5000 livestock entries and more than 400 exhibitors.

The Royal New Zealand Show was first held in 1924. Formerly held in rotation with Palmerston North, Hawke’s Bay, Hamilton, Invercargill and Christchurch, the show has been held at the Canterbury Agricultural Park in Christchurch since 2006.

New Zealand is a fascinating country but attending a festival can give you special insights into this antipodean nation.

25 Jul 2010 Is cruising the right choice of holiday for you

Cruising is an ideal vacation. There is a world of variety available. It is important to do a bit of research in order to choose the right ship, the right destination, the right mix of passengers for your needs.

If you’ve never cruised before, I would suggest you start out with one of the three or four day itineraries to the Bahamas or Baha Mexico to whet your whistle. The ships in those markets are not the mega-size but will give you a good taste of what

cruising is like. They are still very nice ships with all the excitement and

amenities cruising offers and you can see if you enjoy ship life, being waited on

by extremely attentive staff, having nonstop activities of every kind. Rarely, do

passengers not become cruising enthusiasts.

Next, explore the different cruise lines and ask questions of your family and friends who have cruised. There are also very good cruise websites such as www.cruisecritic.com where you can communicate with frequent cruisers and get feedback on particular ships, what to pack, even which staterooms are best. If you’re young singles, you would definitely not want to cruise on a ship that caters mainly to seniors! Itineraries are very important as well. Initially, I wanted to go to Caribbean destinations and I had to be in port every day or I was psychotic. As I grew older, I found I liked to have a day at sea in between a port – and I wanted to travel other places. I love Mediterranean cruising and the capitals of

Scandinavia and St. Petersburg, Russia was one of the most beautiful cruises I

ever did – as was one from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. Now, I

even enjoy the transatlantic crossing with six days at sea – and they can be a

real bargain!

Ships range from small to mega vessels holding over 3500 passengers. Choose accordingly. Most are elegant, some with priceless art collections, beautiful atriums, lovely showrooms, spas to rival those on land, indoor swimming pools,

gorgeous dining rooms. Cabins, unless you can afford the large suites, are not

huge – but most of your time is usually spent out and about on the ship. Regular

cabins are intimate, to say the least and the bathrooms are tiny – again, if you

have money to burn ( I usually prefer to spend mine on another cruise! ), larger

cabins have larger bathrooms.

Most cruise lines don’t have classes ( other than on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 and other

ships of that company ) so all passengers eat in the same dining rooms

24 Jul 2010 What to Look For in Culinary Arts Schools

When you are choosing a school to study food courses at, knowing what to look for in culinary schools means that you will make the right choice the first time. Asking around in the industry to see which schools employers favor is a good way to get an idea of the most respected and highly thought of schools. If location is a factor for you, then you will need to ask around within your city or at least state (unless you don’t mind traveling).

It is believed that these schools have the most success when it comes to job placement after study, with many employers taking students as soon as they graduate.

Cooking is growing in popularity as a career choice due to TV shows and online sites which have shown people how fun it can be to be involved in a culinary career. It’s also reasonably paying and there is plenty of room for advancement as chefs can work their way up within a particular restaurant. In addition, there is also room for advancement in better restaurants and other cooking establishments. Usually the better restaurants pay their chefs higher salaries.

Some of the best culinary schools around the world include:


The Culinary Institute of Canada (Charlottetown, PE)

California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena

Orlando Culinary Academy

Texas Culinary Academy’

Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago

Lincoln College of Technology

The Culinary Institute of America

Le Cordon Bleu College Of Culinary Arts – Las Vegas, Atlanta, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Miami and Dallas

The Restaurant School, Philadelphia


School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, DIT, Dublin, Ireland


North Shore International Academy, Auckland, New Zealand

Other locations

International Centre for Culinary Arts, Dubai

Culinary Academy Of India

The above schools are all highly regarded in the culinary industry and a qualification from any will result in an outstanding looking resume. But there are many others. And even beyond the school you go to, the cooking establishments you work in and receive further training from will help your resume as well.

At culinary school you will learn about cooking, baking, nutrition, food standards, food identification, food hygiene, recipes preparation, menus and much more. Most schools have outstanding and experienced culinary chefs as teachers.

Culinary schools such as those listed above are equipped with full scale kitchens that replicate those found in the industry. This gives students the chance to gain experience in a real environment as well as utilize all utensils and equipment that would be found in a job situation.

Some culinary schools specialize in particular aspects of the subject such as baking and pastry, fine dining, corporate and event dining and others. There are also more and more online culinary schools where students can study at their own pace and complete practical exercises at home.

Becoming a chef or other professional through completing a certificate or degree at culinary schools is an excellent way to form a solid and exciting career. There are countless opportunities for advancement and there is a lot of money to be made in an industry that is growing more every year.

18 Jul 2010 Tauranga Protected by Matakana Island

The Western Bay of Plenty is located on the Eastern coast of New Zealands North Island. You can reach the beautiful sun drenched destination by travelling south 2.5 hours from Auckland, 1.5 hours east from Hamilton, or just 1 hour from Rotorua. All have International Airports.

Tauranga is located at the head of a large harbour which extends along the western Bay of Plenty, and is protected by Matakana Island.

Tauranga City is seen as one of the premier destinations. Tauranga offers a huge range of attractions, activities, recreational pursuits and some of the finest restaurants, cafes and shopping set next to New Zealands most amazing beaches. Top quality facilities ensure Tauranga reputation as the place to live as well as to visit year round.

Visitor Information Centres exist throughout the Tauranga area for your convenience. Trained staff are on hand to answer any questions as to what to do and where to stay within the region. All bookings for travel, accommodation and activities can be made when calling at any of the Information Centres.

The ultimate adrenaline buzz in the bay. Highly trained and highly skilled all Tandem Masters and equipment comply with the New Zealand Parachute Federation, and Civil Aviation requirements. Tauranga Tandem Skydiving operates from the Tauranga Airport, five minutes from the port of Tauranga and the Mount Maunganui Beach.

Taurangas only indoor rock climbing centre. Fully supervised hours of fun for young and old alike in a safe environment. As well as being fun, it develops self esteem, pushes people to and sometimes beyond their limits.

The Adventure Park is located on a picturesque bend in the Wairoa River, a relaxed location for people to enjoy a family day out. Established on the river are a flat water slalom training site and a kayak polo arena. A gladiators pole, a rock climbing wall, Tarzan swing and three diving, jumping and bombing locations have provided countless visitors with hours of fun.

In the summer most holiday makers travel to The Mount to make the most of the beautiful beaches and the great surf. The waters off the coast are also are good fishing areas. It also has a good selection of beautiful walks.

People here love to eat out. There is a large selection of restaurants to eat at, especially on The Strand, which is regarded as the restaurant central of Tauranga. As with eating, people here love cafes. You will also find numerous pubs around the area. The Strand is the main strip of Nightlife consisting of bars, clubs and restraunts.

11 Jul 2010 Video Conferencing Public Rooms: Go Public, Go Practical

Your business is going global. You’ve got people working for you in Bangkok, Auckland, Florence, and Paris. Thankfully for you and the people who work for you, gone are the days of waiting for telegrams to arrive. Nor is there any need for you to yell in competition with inaudible static just to get your message across. In this day and age, modern technology has made it possible for you to connect with real people in real time. Thanks to a wondrous little innovation called video conferencing, you can connect to your liaisons officer in Zimbabwe and talk to him almost as if he were in the same room with you.

Video, What?

Video conferencing technology allows you to utilize the Internet to send or receive audio files and images to any or all of your business associates around the world and vice versa. The quality of the sound and images you send and receive is dependent on the speed of your Internet service provider, so if you don’t want your image frozen in mid-blink with half-closed eyelids, high-speed is the way to go.

Can You Afford It?

Video conferencing equipment is usually set up in conference or board rooms. Video conferencing equipment does not come cheap, however. High-tech video conferencing equipment includes LCD screens and projectors, routers, and speaker phones, and would eat up a hefty chunk of last year’s profits. If your company can afford it, though, then by all means, purchase all the equipment you need. If you’re still cutting corners or just breaking even, however, purchasing video conferencing equipment would not be a good idea.

Make It Public!

Who’s to say you can’t use video conferencing technology? Even if your resources are not as bottomless as your ambitions, you can still use video conferencing technology. How? By utilizing video conferencing public rooms! Video conferencing public rooms are conference rooms with the necessary state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment you need. They may be rented or leased.

The good thing about video conferencing public rooms is that you can use one for a very small fee. This makes it the cost-efficient alternative to having to set up your own video conferencing room. In video conferencing public rooms, you simply inform operators know what you need, how long you need it for, and when you need it. These operators will take care of everything for you, from the conference set-up to equipment maintenance. Undoubtedly, video conferencing public rooms will save your company not just money but also time and manpower.

Going Public

So, now the next concern is finding the best among the multitude of video conferencing public rooms available. One of the more popular video conferencing public rooms is FedEx’s Kinko’s. Kinko’s boasts of 120 locations worldwide and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides the latest video conferencing equipment. You even have the option of having your meeting videotaped, so you can review the proceedings at your leisure or monitor which of your executives slept while you talked.

Proximity also offers video conferencing public rooms in 3,500 locations worldwide. They can organize video conferencing involving as few as two to as many as 5,000 participants. All you have to do is show up. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

Video conferencing public rooms are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, from shopping malls to hotels and even subway stations. Pluck the right mushroom and you’ll be guaranteed seamless and convenient video conferencing no matter where in the world you might be.

06 Jul 2010 All About Lawnmowing Services

Lawn mowing services provide a professional and organized lawn outdoor cleaning and maintenance. This is with the use of well-serviced equipment. Usually, lawn mowing would entail the use of a lawnmower machine which is suited for cutting grasses in residential lawns, gardens, golf courses and parks. Many lawn mowing companies offer quality services and equipments in order to satisfy their customer needs.

Lawn mowing services provide a professional and organized lawn outdoor cleaning and maintenance. This is with the use of well-serviced equipment. Usually, lawn mowing would entail the use of a lawn mower machine which is suited for cutting grasses in residential lawns, gardens, golf courses and parks. This is because a lawn mower has one or more revolving or rotating blades that generally come in different types. This would include the following:

•Cylinder or reel mower – This is a form of mechanical mower that employs an assembly blade that rotates on a horizontal axis, carrying the lawn mower close to the grass.

•Rotary mowers – This type employs a blade that rotates on a vertical axis. It is often powered by an internal combustion engine that runs on liquid fuels or gasoline.

•Cordless mowers – This type is considered as a battery operated type of machine.

•Riding mowers – This is a type of machine where in the operator rides on it and controls the mower. It uses a horizontal rotating blade system that would go hand on hand with its multiple blades.

•Hover mowers – This is a rotary push powered mower that uses turbine in order to drive the air down, creating an air cushion that lifts the mower like a hovercraft.

•Robotic mowers – This is a robot type of mower that requires the user to set up a wire border that points out the area to be mowed. Plus, its boundaries will be trimmed as well.

•Professional grass-cutting equipment – This is used in larger platforms such as stadiums, universities and large establishments.

In history, lawn mowers were invented in the year 1827 by the famous Edwin Beard Budding, an English engineer. Edwin’s mower was designed to cut gardens and lawns, particularly on sports grounds as an alternative to scythe. The mower was patented on October 1830 and its manufacture began in the early 1860s. Hence, gasoline powered rotary mowers were introduced by Power Specialist Ltd in the 1930s.

Nowadays, many gasoline powered lawn mowers are seen in the market. Hence, side effects in our environment vary with the use of this machine due to the carbon dioxide emissions.

There are also several designs that are best suited for residential and commercial lawns. These are made and are currently being used by the evolving lawn mowing service companies. Thus, it also became an alternative for personal gardeners in working on the maintenance of either small scaled or large called lawns.

Here are the lists of some of the lawn mowing services:

1.A1 Lawnmowing Services Ltd.

This company has been operational for over 25 years now. They started as a contractor, operated only by one man with the name of Bryan Knight. Thus, A1 provides professional and compete outdoor maintenance packages. It is located at Marua Road Mount Wellington, Auckland.

The associated companies and expertise of A1 are as follows:

•A1 Lawnmowing Services Ltd – Offers a commercial type lawn mowing service that can be endorsed to other contractors as well.

•A1 Stump Services Ltd – Develops equipment and offers free quotes. They can completely start and finish their work for a span of seven days.

•A1 Landscape Services Ltd – Their services are equipped towards ongoing maintenance, commercial and small areas.

•A1 Tree Services Ltd – Services all types of trees and removes it from ones property, especially if there are cases of falling and big debris.

2.Xtreme Mow Over

Free phone: 0800 08 08 09

Xtreme has been in operation for 15 years now. They boast of their experience in lot or lawn mowing services, carefully eliminating high brush and weeds, cutting grass and clearing vacant lots and commercial spaces. Their price is highly competitive due to their highly specialized and effective services.

For instances where in they will be serving in Neuces County, Texas, Xtreme offers 50% off on mowing services, along with an annual contractual service until you sell it.

These are some of the services they provide:

•Vacant lots – Mowed 6 times a year for an annual fee. You can also contact them for an emergency or on call basis. The price would depend on the size of the lot.

•Residential and commercial vacant building – Mowing of waist high grass in a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and even on a quarterly basis.

•Red carpet service for large acreage lots – Maintains a five foot perimeter path on ones property.

3.Grasshopper Lawn mowing Services

A complete lawn mowing service is what this company offers, along with a full range of new equipments. Grasshopper also guarantees the quality of work from the smallest to largest commercial lawns.


•Cutting lawns using mulching mowers or collecting clippings and disposing it as well.

•Specialized in manicured lawns for factories, Schools, Villages, Office Blocks, Parks and Lifestyle Blocks.

•Full garden service maintenance includes planting, pruning, weeding and spraying.

Grasshopper also gives a loyalty card to every regular customer. This actually entitles him with a 10th cut free. Prices start as little as $12.00.

4.Land Impressions

Address: Jacksonville, Florida CALL 904.537.2587

This company includes free lawn vacuuming for bagging leaves. Aside from this, they offer price reductions, along with per visit and per month fee basis.

Per year visit: 42 visits

Apr-Oct- one visit in a week in summer Price: $41.42

Nov-Mar. – one visit every two weeks in winter Price: $54.48

Some of the services they provide are as follows:




•Weed-eating, and

•Controlling of bed weeds and flowers

5.Mow My Lawn

Address: 337 Route 36 Port Monmouth, NJ 07758

Phone: 732-391-2281

Fax: (888) 503-1989

Email: support@mowmylawn.com

Mow My Lawn is a family run business of Bill and Greg Beier. They basically offer lawn care services by creating and maintaining manicured lawns. The company provides excellent services, especially in residential weekly lawn mowing right in Lincroft, Middletown and Holmdel of New Jersey.

The services and packages they guarantee would include:

•Weekly service calls

•Trimming and Edging of entire property


•Plant beds, and


•Lawn mowing

•Customizing a solution on property

•Spring cleanups, and

•Fall leaf cleanups.

6.Mowing & More, LLC

Address: Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone Number: 301-674-0312

Mowing and More provides landscape management services throughout Washington D.C. and Montgomery County Maryland.

The services they offer are as follows:

•Lawn Fertilizing

•Spring Cleanups

•Professional Lawn Mowing

•Fall Leaf Cleanup

•Lawn Fertilizing

•Snow Removal

•Gutter Cleaning

•Flower Bed Care

Professional weekly lawn mowing service includes:

•Collecting grass clippings and leaves on the lawn and hardscapes (charges on disposal apply).

•Edging along each defined sidewalks, flower beds, driveways, and the like

•Cleaning of stairwells in order to prevent flooding.

•Power blowing meant for debris along your sidewalks, driveway, curbs, and patios.

Spring Cleanups:

•Re-edging of bed edges by hand

•Trimming of dry long-lived plants to remove any dead growth on the plants.

•Cleaning of all leaves, sticks, garbage and debris from the property.

Mulch Installation:

•Heightens the beauty of any landscape while keeping the moisture in the soil, reduces weed growth and prevents erosion.

•Provides double-shredded hardwood mulch at depth of 2” – 2.5”.

•Spreading the mulch in designated locations and combs it in order to leave the place finished and clean.

Flower Bed Care:

•Regular bed landscape maintenance that includes trimming of overgrown ground cover and ornamental shrubs, cutting back of dead perennials and weeding of mulched areas.

Fall Leaf Cleanup:

•Clears the property of piles and leaves.

Landscape Maintenance:

•Maintaining landscapes from small commercial properties up to large companies and condo-associations.

7.Greenhouse Landscaping & Lawn Care Service

Address: San Antonio Lawn Maintenance

Contact person: Adolph Marroquin

Phone number: 210- 843-5004

Greenhouse is a professional landscaping company that offers the following services:

•Residential and commercial needs in lawn care (year-round yard services)

•Landscape design and maintenance

•Sod installation


•Insect and weed control programs

•Free estimates

•Lawn analysis


•Fence installation and repair




•Gutter cleaning

•Tree and shrub trimming, and

•Hand leaf raking

8.High and Tight Lawn Service

Phone number: 904-379-5522

E-mail: HTLawnCare http://comcast.net

The products and services they guarantee are as follows:

•Commercial and Residential lawn mowing


•Weed eating

•Pressure washing

•Athletic fields, and

•Free estimates

Brands: John Deere

Certification & Affiliations: Licensed and Insured Wayne McElroy Owner/Operator

Hours of Operation: Mondays up to Saturdays from 7:00 AM up to 6:00 PM

9.The Lawn Lady

The Lawn Lady provides a reliable grass cutting and lawn care services for both commercial and residential areas. Based in Fareham, Hampshire, it is run by mature professionals that use quality equipments. The company also renders services to nursing homes, letting agents, holiday lets, hotels, and business developments. Plus, they also cater to relocating companies. Thus, Lawn Lady encourages the recycling of garden waste and composting it as a part of conserving the natural resources.

Their services are as follows:

•Cutting of lawns including edging

•Cutting of rough grass

•Maintaining lawn edges with an edging machine


•Cutting of small hedges and shrubs.

•Strimming grass banks and uneven grassed areas

•Sweeping of adjoining hard surfaces

•Trimming grass around trees and structures

•Undergrowth clearance.

•Removal of hedge cuttings

Schedule of Contracted Operation: Regular (will range from weekly up to monthly)

10.The Liberation Team

Phone number: 09 4282981 or 021 2601422

Liberation team provides friendly, fast and reliable services at a great price.

Their services are as follows:

•Spraying and weeding

•Trimming of hedge

•Garden tidy ups

•Scheduled lawn mowing that may start at $10, including mulching or catching and edging among others

•Mulching and garden bed planting

•Lawn care such as fertilizing, aerating, patching

•Weed whacking

•Suggests new plantings and hard landscaping

Finding a professional lawn mowing company is really a tough decision, especially if you are keen in creating or maintaining a certain yard, whether it’s a small or a large lawn. It is best to check on the various lawn mowing services in your area. Check with other people and assess their portfolio, past projects and testimonies. It will really ease your doubts if you get to talk to some of their customers.

Thus, lawn mowing companies should provide the most effective and quality equipment services to their clients. They should also have the capability to recommend good ideas based on their customer’s budget and desires. Lawnmowing has truly become the most convenient way for the best possible, competitive and affordable lawn and garden maintenance.

06 Jul 2010 There’s Something for Everyone in New Zealand North Island; Part 1

Are you thinking about your next vacation? Fancy going somewhere exotic? You need look no further than New Zealand. Perhaps you enjoy dining out, maybe you love hiking, perhaps you are an adventure junkie or maybe you just like to laze around on the beach. New Zealand has it all.

The North Island has 2 major cities, Auckland which is the largest city in New Zealand by far with a population of 1.2 million people. Still not that large a city by most countries standards but it is very spread out land wise. Auckland is located in the northern part of the North Island and is the main gateway for travellers coming in to the country. The other major city is Wellington which is located at the southern tip of the North Island. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and there is an efficient ferry service providing the connection between the North and South Island.

Bay of Islands




Hawkes Bay



Look out for Part 2 of this article covering the South Island coming soon.