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13 Aug 2010 Bird facts: Blue duck

A native to New Zealand, the Blue Duck (in Latin Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos)

is endangered, on the IUCN endangered chart they are Vulnerable’. To identify the duck, it is mostly Grey in color with a chestnut brown breast; it’s beak is pinky white with two flaps of skin hanging down from the tip to help them scrape insect larvae off rocks. An average of fifty four centimeters long, the Blue Duck is a strong swimmer yet a weak flier. It’s streamlined head and large webbed feet help them to maneuver quickly in white water rivers.

Their numbers decreased significantly when mammals were introduced to areas of New Zealand and unlike many species in the country they cannot be moved to other areas due to their specific habitat; now they only nest in central areas on the North Island and western parts of the Southern Island. It is estimated that 640 pairs live in the north and 700 pairs in the south.

Blue Ducks build their homes in hollow trees and small caves, close to clean fast flowing rivers through forested areas of the islands; the presence of these ducks indicates the good health of the river. Their nests are built with twig, grass and down, due to the low height, Spring flooding is a high risk and makes their numbers vary widely each season.

Mating pairs nest in the same stretch of river every year, they do not migrate. Their nesting period is between August and October where an average of four to nine eggs can be laid. The female incubates the eggs for around thirty five days; during this time the male stands guard. The ducklings limited flight develops about seventy days after hatching.

For bird watchers the best time to spot the Blue Duck is early morning or late evening when they venture out on the river to feed, during the daytime they hide away from predators. The rockery section of the river, the more likely they are to nest.

The Maori name is Whio Whio which derives from the sound of the male’s call; the females contrasts like a rattle. There is restoration work being completed by the National Blue Duck Trust and Auckland Zoo to help reintroduce the Blue Duck to New Zealand.

19 Jul 2010 Living with a disability

Life & Times of an MS Sufferer…..

These pages are dedicated to the following people, my father Rahiri Leslie 1911-1980, my father was an indirect casualty of the smoking lobby, succumbing to the effects of lung cancer at the age of 69. He died as a result of Emphysema effectively “drowning” in his own phlegm.

Maree Frances POMPEY 1944-1980, a dear sister-in-law taken early in life;

Peter Francis HUNTER 1948-1987 -lost at sea; overboard off the Fiordland coast. (West coast, South Island) Peter was actually a fisherman at the time of his death!

I have lost numerous friends and aquaintances through death from either accident or, since my return to Auckland, from succumbing to various afflictions, MS being one of them. A very good friend of mine, Rosemary Jane GIBSON 1964-1992, who suffered from MS and had done since she was 20. Her initial attack occurred in Sydney and it wasn’t long before she had to return to NZ where she lived at the Laura Fergusson Home until her death at age 28.

Vicki Madden was a brave little battler who completed a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree at Auckland University and was a ball of energy right up to her death in 1987.

A little about me- The First 50-years (yikes! doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! 1952-1957 I was born in a tiny settlement called Paerata (pa/e/rata) on January 19th, 1952. Like most of my siblings, my birth was at home. My first “crib” was, as my mother recounts the story, a drawer (in a chest of drawers). Following my birth my mother, a hard working woman (one of my mothers forefathers was a JOHN BIDDLE, born in 1615 at Wotton-under-edge, Gloucestshire, England. (John was a founder of the English Unitarian Church) – John died in London on Sept. 22, 1662; mother of eleven other children (little Roberta died when she contracted influenza in 1944), went straight back to work. This was in addition to whatever else she was involved in. Paerata was a town centered on the local milk and butter factory. Paerata used to take its milk from the areas’ farmers (delivered by milk tanker daily) and either pasteurize it for local consumption and/or turn it into butter (I think caseine comes first?) My earliest recollections of life, or from what I can remember, came from when the family lived at Helvetia, a tiny settlement located on the fringes of Paerata. My first recollection is of a big house, probably the one we lived in, and a barbed wire fence. Oouch, you got it, I remember attempting to


10 Jun 2010 Psa Lifts Some Strike Action Fuelled by Accidents at Work

As a result of progress in negotiations with the Department of Labour, staff who belong to the PSA, New Zealand’s Public Service Association, have lifted some of their strike action fuelled by accidents at work.

The PSA is New Zealand’s largest public sector union, increasingly concerned with resolving debates regarding tax-cuts, work safety, pay rise and other issues focused on the public’s requests.

“We made some progress during negotiations last week so we have lifted strike notices for this week and half of next week,” says PSA National Secretary Richard Wagstaff.

More than 750 workers – including border security officers, health and safety inspectors, labour inspectors and industrial mediators – were due to begin a series of two-hour strikes this week. They are seeking an improved pay offer and want to scrap their current pay setting system because, among other reasons and concerns, it is reported as being perceived as ‘confusing, inconsistent and unfair.’

Notices for two-hour strikes remain in place for Friday June 12 and Monday June 16. New notices will be issued for two-hour strikes from Tuesday June 17 until Thursday June 19.

Border security staff monitor passengers arriving on international flights at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports. They have the power to refuse entry to passengers who are trying to enter New Zealand illegally.

Other staff involved in the dispute include: health and safety inspectors who enforce health and safety requirements at workplaces and investigate accidents at work; labour inspectors who ensure workers receive the conditions they’re entitled to; mediators who help employers and workers solve workplace problems and immigration officers.

Department of Labour staff involved in the dispute have begun low level industrial action. Yesterday, Monday June 2, they began a ban on overtime, doing unpaid work and attending department conferences and training.

“They’re taking this action for an improved pay offer and because their current pay setting system is confusing, inconsistent and unfair,” says Richard Wagstaff.

Department of Labour staff have also, in addition, rejected an offer of a 3% pay rise and are seeking a higher offer of an 4% increase instead. Furthermore, they also want their performance management system scrapped in order to be replaced with what they would judge as a different,  ‘fair and transparent’ system for setting their pay.

“They’ve lost faith in their performance management system because it’s unfair and doesn’t work,” continues Richard Wagstaff. “They’re being assessed and told they deserve a pay rise of a certain amount but then receive a lower increase.”

Under the current system the average starting salary for some jobs is more than the average salary paid to people who have been doing the job for several years. However while this is welcomed by newly starting employees, this comes as bad news to most employees who are not starting anew currently. Their complaint is that they ought to be rewarded for their employee loyalty and greater experience at the job which inevitably makes of them more desirable employees for the Department of Labour.

The PSA surveyed Department of Labour staff about the performance management system. Almost 200 responded. Asked if the system provides a fair, transparent and easily understood method of delivering increases to salary, 87% said ‘no’. Asked if the system had contributed to their productivity, and therefore aided the department in meeting its objectives, 80% said ‘no’.

The PSA is seeking the introduction of new salary system in which pay scales and the salary progression system are fair, transparent and included in the staff collective agreement. Negotiations are due to resume next early next week.

26 May 2010 Recruitment is About Being the Hunter, not the Hunted

Over the past years I have give dozens of seminars and speeches on the selection process. It doesn’t matter if I am in Invercargill, Auckland, Napier, Sydney, or Singapore, I always hear the same complaint: “Rob our area is different, there is a great shortage of talent here, we just can’t find good people”.

Yes, we do have record employment figures, but let me shake you up a bit – there is NO shortage of talented people in your area – the truth is that the most productive, motivated, successful, talented people already have jobs!!

Talented people don’t just land on your doorstep when you have a job. Your prime job as a manager is to create a PROACTIVE recruiting strategy that taps into the passive job candidate. If you want a team of truly talented people you can’t wait for people to come to you, you have to go ‘big game hunting’.

I have never seen great hiring decisions made by managers who are only attracting the desperate or the unemployed. You can bet your “bob & dollar” that the best candidates for you business are not amongst the ranks of the unemployed.

Developing a proactive recruitment strategy means developing a continuous hiring process. You will not find the best people launching into the recruitment mode when you have a vacancy. This strategy usually leads to hiring the best of a bad bunch. Hiring is a lot like dating – as desperation rises, standards slip!

A question I frequently ask in my hiring seminars is, “When you have a vacancy how do you start recruit?” In just about all cases the answer will be to put an advert in the newspaper.

Advertisements in the newspaper are estimated to attract the bottom 30% of performers in any job role. Think about it, who continuously trawls the employment pages of the press? Usually those who are getting the squeeze for better performance in their current position or those already pushed out.

There is an argument that press advertisements are good for targeting people new to an area, or those looking for a career change, but advertising in the press should only be a small part of your recruiting effort, not the total panacea. And make sure these adverts are worded to attract people looking for a challenge not a paycheck!

You will occasionally get a great person via the classifieds, but I guarantee to find that person will be like looking for a murder weapon in a rubbish tip! Usually classified ads bring in a combination of the frustrated, terminated, curious tyre kickers, confused and miss-aligned (to the job) applicants – people who are poor performers in their current position and now want to dump this poor work attitude on to you.

Let’s look at some other options. Recruiting from your own ranks rates the best – is that receptionist your next sales star! What about encouraging your current team to recommend people. Many companies pay “spotting fees”, but these are usually too small and the rewards too far out for people to bother. I’ve seen a $500 bonus (50% on hiring and 50% in 90 days) work really well.

Debriefing new hires when they start is an untapped source. Ask the new recruit if they have colleagues or know of others in their network that would be worthwhile approaching.

Businesses or industries where there is a degree of uncertainty are also ripe for the picking. Good talent gets restless when there is a change in the wind – new leaders, mergers, buyout etc. Targeting these businesses often reaps great rewards.

I like radio advertising, although it is expensive because you need frequency, it is great at reaching those talented people not “looking” for a job, but may be stimulated enough by your challenge to enquire or apply.

The Internet is another great source, not just for advertising, that’s not proactive recruiting! Use the Internet to search for resumes. A small fee to join one of the many popular job sites will give you access to hundreds of resumes.

One of my clients created some very inexpensive recruitment cards – these were the same as business cards – he called them Eagle Calling Cards. Whenever he was out and about and met someone who was an eagle (as opposed to a turkey!) he hand them a card and said, “We are always on the look-out for great customer service people like you, if you are ever thinking of leaving this position give me a call.” These cards were printed double sided, introduce the company and the exciting opportunities and benefits of working there.

Instant on site application forms are another good idea, especially for retailers – Take the proactive attitude of Overland Shoes. They have a fabulously designed postcard that is scattered throughout their stores. I love the call to action and eye-catching artwork that “speaks” to the target audience. It says, “Join Our Team! Fun, Rewarding, Dynamic, Energising, Motivating.”

Working your own network is also powerful. You know hundreds of people. Use direct mail, email, notices in your business communications, alerts on the FRONT page of your website, signs on company vehicles, in your premises and on community notice boards etc. I am sure your team could come up with many unique ways to “put the word out”.

We don’t have the space here to explore all the proactive recruiting options. Why not get your team together for a beer/wine and pizza brainstorm. Start writing up PROACTIVE ways to reach those passive candidates and stimulating them to apply through a creative (and honest) recruitment message. At one such client session a crazy idea turned into a winner – fly an aeroplane banner over holiday beaches on a summer weekend! Now that’s brainstorming.

Remember, if you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you got!

26 Apr 2010 Right Flight to Kiwi Land

Flights to New Zealand usually land in Auckland, the nation’s largest metropolis that is located on the North Island of the country. Auckland International Airport is quite arguably the country’s busiest airport. There are flights to New Zealand from most major airports all over Europe and the rest of the world. A flight from the United Kingdom can take from twenty two to twenty four hours to reach the Auckland International Airport in New Zealand.

A concrete plan of what you are going to do is of utmost importance. Once you’ve selected your purpose of visit you must apply for the appropriate visa. You need a working holiday visa if you are visiting for temporary business related purposes, a residency permit if you plan on settling there, a work permit if you intend to do visit and do business there on a relatively permanent basis, a visitor visa if you’re just passing through and so on.

Your visa must be valid for at least six months longer than you plan to stay to be on the safe side of the law.

People with visitors’ visas to New Zealand must have a return ticket, an onward flight or proof of funds to prove they can buy the same on reaching New Zealand. People with work permits and working holiday visas will be allowed entry on a one way flight only if they have proof of funds that will allow them to support themselves during the stay as well as buy an outward ticket. The outward ticket in addition must be to a country they are allowed entry into.

People from Visa Waiver countries (such as Argentina, Brazil, Austria, Belgium, France etc) may only enter the country when they have outward flight tickets or official confirmation that one is booked and paid for in their name.

Citizens and permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand can enter the country with a one-way ticket only if have a valid passport or returning resident’s visa on their foreign passport for Australia or New Zealand. Entry into the country will be restricted if one does not comply with these rules.

Only after these conditions are verified is it safe to look at flight companies, peruse schedules and buy plane tickets. Unscrupulous travel agents may cunningly sell you a one-way ticket while knowing that you might not be allowed entry into the country on reaching the border. Be on the alert for any foul play while making all transactions. In case you do have a twelve-month working permit and intend to be in the country the entire duration flight schedules will not be available so much in advance and you will have to make careful and cautious arrangements.

The safest thing to do is do your own research regarding regulations (you can visit New Zealand’s immigration website), visit various travel agents, get quotations and compare them to find the perfect price for your budget. You can also visit online websites to search for the appropriate flight, book it and then pay for it with a credit card. A well-worded google search will aid your work to such an end.

Traveling to New Zealand without an onward ticket can be an expensive mistake, as you will not be allowed on the flight.

23 Apr 2010 Air Travel In Italy

The price of flying within Italy is often comparable to the cost of rail travel, although be sure to factor in the expense of getting to and from the airport. When flying out of Italian airports, always check with the airport or tourist agency about upcoming strikes, which are frequent in Italy and often affect air travel. The work stoppages, are called by trade unions over contractual disputes, and can also ground or delay flights to and from Italy operated by several European carriers, including British Airways and Air France.

Booking Your Flights
When you book, look for nonstop flights and remember that “direct” flights stop at least once. Try to avoid connecting flights, which require you to change plane. Two airlines may operate a connecting flight jointly, so ask whether your airline flies every segment of the trip. You may find that the carrier you prefer flies you only part of the way. Check web sites to find more booking tip, to check prices and to make online flight reservations.

When flying internationally, you must usually choose between a domestic carrier, the national flag carrier of the country you are visiting (Alitalia for Italy), and a foreign carrier from a third country. National flag carriers have the greatest number of non stops. Domestic carriers may have better connections to your hometown and serve a greater number of gateway cities. Third-party carriers may have a price advantage.

On international flights, Alitalia serves Rome, Milan, and Venice. The major international hubs in Italy are Milan and Rome, served by Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines. American Airlines flies into just Milan. US Airways serves only Rome.

Alitalia and British Airways have direct flights from London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports to Milan and Rome. From Manchester, British Airways has daily flights to Milan and Rome. Smaller, no-frills airlines also provide service between Great Britain and Italy.

EasyJet connects Gatwick with Bologna. British Midland connects Heathrow and Milan. Ryanair, departing from London’s Stansted Airport, has daily flights to Milan, Rome, Pisa, and Venice. Meridiana has two or three direct flights each week between Gatwick and Olbia on Sardinia in summer, and daily flights to Rome and Florence throughout the year. From its hub in Brussels, Virgin Express files to Milan, Catania, and Rome.

Alitalia connects Canada and Italy. Air Canada flies to Munich for connections to Rome, Florence, and Milan via Lufthansa. Qantas flies from various cities in Australia via Bangkok, arriving in Rome. Alitalia and New Zealand Air fly from Auckland to Rome with a stop in London. Another option if you’re coming from Australia or New Zealand is Thai Airlines, landing in Rome via Bangkok.

When buying tickets for flights within Italy, on Alitalia and small carriers such as Meridiana and Air One shop around for the best deals. Tickets are frequently sold at discounted prices, so check the cost of flights, even one-way, as an alternative to train travel.

22 Apr 2010 New Zealand Is A Dream Destination

There is no lovelier place to visit than New Zealand; it is a dream destination. New Zealand is filled with opportunities for vigorous outdoor activities or lazy relaxed snoozes on sandy deserted beaches. New Zealand is comprised of two large islands located in the South Pacific about 7,000 miles from Los Angeles. The best way to get there is to find which airlines fly to New Zealand. It is about a twelve hour non-stop flight from the West Coast of the United States to Auckland, New Zealand. Most flights take off for over night flights. Travelers can sleep through most of their travel time.

Once there, visitors can enjoy the Southern Alps on the South Island and skiing, or the beaches and surfing on the North Island. There are swift-flowing rivers that beckon fishermen and rafters alike. Stunning hiking trails with waterfalls, clear alpine lakes, and abundant greenery entice nature lovers from around the world. Volcanic mountains dot the North Island as well as tropical rainforests. For those seeking solitude with spectacular scenery, they can find it in New Zealand. The population is only four million; one of the least densely populated countries in the world. However, the cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch do offer all the modern amenities of any large city with plenty of activities and nightlife excitement.

One of New Zealand’s best attractions is the fact that its glorious summers of warm temperatures and dry humidity occur at opposite times of those in North America. If visitors are longing to escape the cold of winter, purchase air fares for New Zealand and enjoy summer all over again. One thing to consider, though, airfares to New Zealand are discounted, sometimes heavily, in the off season months of June, July, and August. The north island has a subtropical climate and the temperature is only about 10 degrees cooler during the winter, so it can be enjoyed year around. The South island is a little colder, especially in the mountains. However, this works out great for avid skiers. They can purchase cheap airfares to New Zealand and enjoy winter all over again in the Southern Alps.

Another attraction of New Zealand is its friendly people. With its high diversified population, New Zealanders, or Kiwis as they refer to themselves, are individualistic and are happy to welcome all who visit their country. Maoris are the natives to the land, and their arts and crafts are colorful reminders of their Polynesian Heritage. Visitors can also watch a game of Rugby, the national sport. Each game begins with Haka, a Maori Dance, which is meant to inspire fear in opponents. Also travelers should enjoy some of the local cuisine which focuses on lamb and fish.

Air fare to New Zealand can be found which is reasonably priced, so don’t let the fear of high priced air fares to New Zealand stop any one who wishes to enjoy the beauty of this remarkable country. New Zealand is a dream destination that will keep cameras busy and will create lasting memories. Check out airfares to New Zealand soon and enjoy a dream come true.

13 Apr 2010 South Pacific Trip – How To Get The Cheapest Flights

Speaking about this region makes me feel inspired. At same time, speaking about finding cheap flights to go there is completely another world, and probably if somebody asked me to find a cheap flight to the South Pacific, I would make them pay for that. That is due to the amount of hours I have spent doing research on the options to go there, only to realize that it really does not exist this deal we are all looking for.

On the other hand, it exists thousands of possibilities where you can get an astronomic fee to get there, when you could have reached the zone for a lot less. So, the first thing to set is: how much should you be paying to get there? Let’s be sincere. If you travel from Europe, everything that goes up from 1500 euros the round trip… let it be, this will not be your flight, I promise. From Asia and from America, you could probably find some deals for around 700 euros, that should be a price to look at. And from Africa, there are really thousands of options, but seriously i wouldn’t take anything for more than 1500 euros also.

The second step is to look at how many flights will you need to take. One golden rule applies nearly always. The higher the number of times you change from plane, the higher the cost involved, so try to keep it simple. After this, one thing has to be considered. Believe me or not, but I can promise to you that low cost has not arrived to this part of the world. It simply does not exist. Trying to be a bit more positive, I am going to mention a couple of things that can be useful. Always use the search engines for arilines to find names that cover the route you want, but never book through them. Instead, go to the mentioned airline, and scan it to the very end until you find this low fare. I promise it will always be cheaper.

In the end, the possibility to get cheap flights to the zone turns around two airlines. One of them is Zoom Airlines, and the other Oasis Hong Kong. The first one is possibly the first low cost airline that crosses the Atlantic that has ever existed. It means it allows you to go from London to New York for just 350 euros (about 450 dollars) the round trip, and it specially connects all European destinations with Canada, and we are looking specially at the flights to Vancouver, that is placed on the eastern coast of North America. From there, you could find good options to travel to the South Pacific, but do not expect any great deal. It is simply the best you can find. Also Alitalia has normally the cheapest flights to reach America.

If you are US resident, of course this would not make sense. Your first step will be to reach Los Angeles or San Francisco with a low cost carrier, and from there take the best option.

When looking at the other side, an airline that appeared just 1 year ago, Oasis Hong Kong, is bringing low fares to the route between Europe and Asia. From London to Hong Kong you can find it for 500 euros (725 dollars) which is pretty good compared to the competition. At the day of writing this article, this option is something that will probably close you in front of some airlines that will make you pay a lot to get to Australia or New Zealand from there. But, this is about to change, as Oasis Hong Kong is already developing to get specially a new route from Hong Kong to Sydney and Canberra, which will be a real hit to competition, specially to Cathay Pacific, as they will make the cost of this trip for the half of what this last ones actually offer. We will see.

Let me now tell you about the possibilities within South Pacific, studying specially Australia and New Zealand, top touristic destinations. Still there is no way to cross the sea between them for a reasonable price. A European trip of the same distance with Ryanair would be more than 10 times less the price those guys charge to cross. Still no solution to this problem. The good news is that within the countries themselves, it does exist some low cost companies that can make the national trips affordable. For instance, the Auckland – Christchurch can be made for 40 euros, about 80 kiwi dollars, or 60 US dollars. Still it is a terrible amount compared to the distance, but I will not complain.

Finally, a last deal found at the time of writing. The airline Qantas has very good options to travel from Europe to the area. Check their prices at their web-site, specially the Hot Deals section, and you will find some good discounts, reaching the 1300 euros barrier. They are also one of the favorites between America and South Pacific.

27 Mar 2010 Flying in the Rings for the Bride and Groom

The Queensland capital was a goldmine for the flamboyant televangelist who left with cash, cheques and the bank account and credit card details of more than 50,000 Australians fans. After he proposed to me, we went shopping for wedding rings. He left, 28 hours and three shows later, an estimated $800,000 richer. 24 is the year of freedom, the year of self celebration! Some attendees, who travelled from as far away as Hong Kong and Perth, handed over gold earrings and wedding rings instead of cash.

A distinguishing physical characteristic is that their irises are totally black. While their fathers wear 14kt gold or the more expensive platinum, the Generation X’ers are gravitating in large numbers to tungsten carbide, titanium, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. (AP)- Donnie Register has a new reason to be thankful he’s married police say his wedding band deflected a bullet and probably saved his life. (A section of the Quilt measures 12 by 12 and usually contains 8 individual panels.) Techniques used included patchwork, applique, embroidery, fabric painting, collage, spray paint and needlepoint Items and materials included in the panels: Fabrics, e.g. This web provides the 3-D view of the rings in display. Interesting nut and bolt wedding ring combo. Jewellery, particularly when made with precious materials, is generally considered valuable and desirable. Or who said wedding rings are worn on the left hand on the ring finger? Information on the meaning of Celtic Warrior Shield wedding rings.

Had a brilliant time at Brila 88.9fm yesterday (no pun intended). An Australian Taxation Office spokeswoman sa. Costume jewelry is made from less valuable materials. PROSPEROUS pastor Benny Hinn flew into Brisbane a multimillionaire. Make this Valentine’s day an unforgettable one by giving precious diamonds to you.

Getting to know the love of my life, not just how she kisses, or what her favourite colour is, or other shallow things; getting to know her real, beating, honest beautiful heart, finding out wh. This term refers to white used in the wedding dress, which symbolises virginity and innocence. Visiting journey tourism can associated to places like Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, and other locations in the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island. Many a jilted lover has wondered what to do with a leftover ring, which is why I was entirely unsurprised when I stumbled upon I Do Now I Don’t, an auction site created to match those “who are looking to sell engageme. According to tradition, the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger because the vein in the left ring finger, referred to as the ‘vena amoris’ was believed to be directly connected to the heart, a symbol of love. Just to let the world know about the blog dedicated to The Claddagh. He left, 28 hours and three shows later, an estimated $800,000 richer.

It’s bad enough to have to do those shows without writers (how many times can Conan entertain us by spinning his wedding ring on the desk?), but what’s worse is the lack of guests. The Queensland capital was a goldmine for the flamboyant televangelist who left with cash, cheques and the bank account and credit card details of more than 50,000 Australians fans. They have been best friends since the second grade. Leaves Australia $800K richer: PROSPEROUS pastor Benny Hinn flew into Brisbane a multimillionaire. Wedding band A wedding band is the traditional European token of marriage worn by a spouse to indicate a marital commitment to chastity. White wedding A white wedding is a traditional British wedding. So we (I) decided (why did I do this?) to check out the rings at the ever popular Tiffany & Co.

For more information please visit http://weddinghot.info/sitemap or http://weddingin.info/sitemap or even http://weddingnew.info/sitemap

20 Mar 2010 Avoid information overload when searching for airline ticket

No more information overload on travel!

The importance of avoiding information overload when searching for the cheapest airline tickets online cannot be stressed enough theses days. This article will explain how you should take your time and do your research to be able to cherry pick your way through.

What we Internet surfers don’t seem to understand is that there are millions of travel sites out there claiming they have access to the lowest airfares. When its time to book your travel plans the first thing we think about is our budget (for those of us who have a budget). Most travelers don’t want to pay more than they have to because they still need money when they get to where ever the destination is and the more the better..right!

We all want the cheap flights that are enjoyable, not too many stops, with food and entertainment, frequent flyer miles, plenty of leg and elbow room…all for the lowest and cheapest price you can afford….now that would be perfect dude! Well dream on, unless youre rich.

To avoid information overload and your bottom sticking to the chair, you start with online sites that not only give their prices but also let you compare with others. Narrow these sites down to sites that don’t waste your time by having access to just a few special airfares only when the airlines say they have deals. Everybody has a search engine for available published airfares, but the best sites consistently offer specially worked out deals available only to their customers….now thats what I am talking about maan…..

You have to find a small group of sites that can be searched on a regular basis…be persistent and start checking for deals at least a month in advance to be able to take advantage of 7-21 day advanced purchase requirements. How about sites that have done the research for you and also provide all the information you need for traveling….I call these sites “travel portals” and boy do they save you time, not to mention stress.

Some travel portals list too many sites and its like your starting all over again. They list any site that would pay commissions instead of researching and listing those that actually have low airfares consistently, so try and avoid these kinds of cluttered travel portals at all costs…they are still wasting your time.

Searching for cheap airfares does not have to be an adventure. Finding and using travel portals should get you what you need without the sales pitch. Most of us have a budget and don’t want to feel like we could have paid much less…if an airfare is out there, travel portals will help you find it……Happy Traveling!

About the Author

Auckland Semper is a syndicated travel expert and former travel agent. Visit his travel portal at http://www.thelowestpricelist.com/cheap-airfares.html –Free travel tips, advise and information on cheap airline tickets and vacations.